Newsletter: Google’s Chat: Competitor To Apple’s iMessage & Facebook Working To Design Its Own Chips

Newsletter: Google’s Chat: Competitor To Apple’s iMessage & Facebook Working To Design Its Own Chips


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Google has planned to replace traditional SMS with Chat.


Traditional Messaging service has been boring and disappointing. Earlier users have no choice but to text or call someone whom they want to communicate with. Now with the development of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, the only thing that we use SMS for is to receive notifications from carrier companies and bank authentications.

Google has finally thought of playing with it. Rather than bringing another communication app, the IT giant has thought of revamping SMS. The plan is to change the communication means from WhatsApp, Facebook or any other source to “Chat”.

No matter what phone a user carries, the ultimate messaging service that happens to be on his phone is SMS. But now Google has plans to change it altogether. It seems the plan is to rule out every other service.

The step of pausing the work on its famous app Allo shows how serious Google is! Google will develop the app just like iMessage however, it will persuade the carriers to do so.

Google anticipates the Chat standard would work for Android users within this year. However, the exact time will be decided by carriers and region. The change already works between Sprint users. T-Mobile has told that it will be available for its users in the second quarter of 2018.

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Chat should not be confused with a new texting app. It can be considered an update or upgrade to an already existing app which happens to work on Android phones. It has been years, but the Android SMS have been stale, the only progress that it has made, that a user can send MMS but carrier takes an extra charge for the same. Nobody in the right mind would use the service if they have Whatsapp and other free messaging services.  Chat is developed on a standard called the “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services.” The app will turn on automatically on inside Android Messages as default texting app.

The change will bring all the smartphones on the same page, whether its Verizon or AT&T as carriers, you will see typing indicators, read receipts, group texts, animated stickers, and more, basically all the features available in texting app.

Just like Apple’s iMessage, if you send a message to a user who doesn’t have Chat enabled or non-Android user then the message sent would be an SMS. It will not work on Apple until it accepts Chat.

One of the disadvantages is not having end-to-end encryption and also it will work the same legal intercept standards.


As the change is brought by Google and Google has developed a lot of messaging services, people might get confused and think it as a Google product. However, Chat is not a Google service, it is a carrier service instead. It is just “Chat”, not G Chat or Google Chat.

The conclusion to all of it is finally SMS got reinvented and revamped app, Chat will remove all the limitations of SMS and provide a wide range of features at little or no cost.



Facebook is working on developing its own chips.


Facebook has disclosed its plans that they are going to develop their own chips. The aim to develop chips is to get monetary gains when executing artificial intelligence and video-based workloads. The semiconductor is developed to lessen the dependence on chipmakers such as Intel Corp. and Qualcomm Inc.

It looks like another tech giant has finally risen and is taking care of its own hardware components. Just like Apple recently shipped own chips and Google developed its own AI chip.

There is a huge possibility that Facebook could use these chips to power hardware devices, artificial intelligence software and servers in its data centers. Facebook is working on future of smart speakers. The next gen of the devices would be leveled up with the custom chipsets. The advantage of using its own processors is getting better over product development and also able to incorporate software and hardware together.

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The news seems to be true according to two job advertisements that clearly depict the organization wants to, “build and manage an end-to-end SoC/ASIC, firmware and driver development organization” at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

The tech giant is prepared to cover “all aspects of front-end and back-end standard cell ASIC development”, which means from defining the silicon architecture to validation of finished product.

In one of the co-related advertisement, Facebook told that it wanted, “to understand limitations of current hardware” and collect the prowess of engineers across the company “to build custom solutions targeted at multiple verticals including AI/ML, compression, and video encoding”.

Well, all these things have not made it clear that what are Facebook’s ultimate plans or for what purpose Facebook wants to use the chip. However, the job listing, “expertise to build custom solutions targeted at multiple verticals including AI/ML,” refers that there is a possibility to use the chip to focus on a processor for artificial intelligence tasks.

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