How To Force Microsoft Edge To Use The Best GPU On Windows 10

How To Force Microsoft Edge To Use The Best GPU On Windows 10

Just like other modern browsers, Edge unloads graphic-intensive tasks to the GPU to enhance the browsing experience. If your system happens to have more than one GPUs, Windows 10 chooses which one should be used by Microsoft Edge, regardless of the power it contains. Following the latest update version 1803, April 2018, Windows has enabled users to choose which GPU Microsoft Edge will use to enhance the performance.

With Windows 10, you get to change the Graphics Settings for every app which enables you to manage graphics performance for individual app. Therefore, you can change and force Microsoft Edge to use the best GPU  to enhance the performance.

In this post, we will walk you through the steps to do that same.

Set Default GPU For Microsoft Edge

To make Microsoft Edge choose set GPU, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Windows icon (located at the bottom left corner) and click it.

Set Default GPU For Microsoft Edge

Step 2: Look for Settings and click on it.

windows 10 system settings

Step 3: Click System-> Display.

display settings windows 10

Step 4: Click Graphics settings (located at the bottom of the page, under Advanced Display Settings).

graphic settings for GPU

Step 5: You will get, “Choose an app to set preference”  with a drop-down list. The default selected option would be Classic app, change it to Universal app.

GPU change for Microsoft edge

Step 6: You will get another dropdown menu when you select Universal app. Choose Microsoft Edge from the second list.

Step 7: Click Add.

add graphic on edge

Note: Now Microsoft Edge will show as System Default.

Step 8: Click Microsoft Edge and you will get two buttons, Options button & Remove button.

micrsoft GPU graphic

Step 9: Click Options and then select High-performance option.

system default settings

Note: If saving battery is your concern, choose “Power Saving.”

Step 10: Click Save Button.

And it is done! Now, whenever you will open Microsoft Edge it will use the default GPU for performing tasks.

You can try and use your computer with these settings and if you face any performance related issues with the settings, you can alter the settings by following the same steps. However, if the issue is persistent, then updating your video driver can help.

Try it to force Microsoft Edge to use the best GPU and let us know whether you niticed the difference!

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