34 Navigation Shortcuts For Web Browsers
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34 Navigation Shortcuts For Web Browsers

You can improve your productivity when you are working on web browsers by using navigational shortcuts effectively. Using mouse every time might seem easy to you because you are used to using mouse since childhood. But if you learn some keyboard and mouse shortcuts, you would find it much faster and easier to surf or work on web browsers.

Let’s look at some of the important browser navigation shortcuts that can be used more often. Most of them are common to every browser. Every browser be it Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, or Opera, uses almost the same navigational shortcuts.

Shortcut KeysDescription
1.    Alt+HomeOpens homepage of the browser
2.   Alt+TabIf more than one window of browser is open, it toggles between them
3.   Alt+Left ArrowTakes you to last page that you had opened
4.   Alt+Right ArrowTakes you to forward page, if you had gone back anytime
5.   EscStops the current page from loading
6.   Ctrl+ (- or +)Zooms in or zooms out of page, + to Zoom in and – to zoom out
7.   Ctrl+1-8Control with any number between 1 to 8 takes you to the respective tab in the tab bar
8.   Ctrl+9Takes you to the last tab if multiple tabs are open
9.   Ctrl+0If you had changed zoom settings, it resets browser’s zoom to default
10.  F11Displays the current web site in full screen mode
11.  Ctrl+Shift+DelClears the private data such as forms, usernames etc.
12. Ctrl+Shift+BShows and hides the bookmarks bar
13.  Ctrl+FOpens the find bar so that you can search text on the current page
14.  Ctrl+OOpens a file in the browser from your system
15.  Ctrl+Shift+OOpens the Bookmark manager having list of bookmark pages
16.  Ctrl+HOpens browser history in a new tab
17.  Ctrl+JDisplays the downloads window containing lists of downloaded files
18.  Ctrl+KPlaces the cursor to the address bar so that you can begin typing
19.  Ctrl+NOpens new browser window
20. Ctrl+Shift+NOpens a new window in private mode
21.  Ctrl+R or F5Refreshes the current page
22.  Ctrl+TOpens a new tab
23.  Ctrl+UYou can view a web page’s source code
24.  Ctrl+WCloses the tab which is currently open
25.  Ctrl+Shift+WCloses the window which is currently open
26.  Ctrl+Shift+TIt reopens the last tap which you have closed. If you want to open more tabs than press it again till your desired tab is opened
27.  Ctrl+TabIt opens each tab one by one from the first to the last tab
28.  Ctrl+Shift+TabIt opens each tab one by one from the leftmost tab to the rightmost tab
29.  Ctrl+Left-click on a linkOpens a link in a new tab in the background
30.  Ctrl+Shift Left-clickOpens a link in a new tab and switches to that tab
31.   SpacebarScrolls down a page at a time
32.  Shift+SpacebarScrolls up a page at a time
33.  HomeTake you to top of page
34.  EndTake you to bottom of page

If you learn these tricks and try them more frequently when you are working on web browser, then you can certainly increase your productivity. Imagine using mouse again and again every second to move the control to different locations of the web page. You can save these seconds that adds up to minutes if you are working for long time. Thus, these navigational shortcuts can help you a great deal.

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