Get Yourself Addicted To These Best RPG Games For Android

Get Yourself Addicted To These Best RPG Games For Android

Long back when there were no shooting or strategy games, role playing games came into existence. Well, one can say that every game is a role-playing game. But, as the time and technology kept moving forward, RPG games became popular. With the amazing storyline and gameplay there were many RPG games that did good.

RPG games are basically an amalgamation of many things like freedom, unpredictable events and turns in story, simulation, agonizing music, treasure, multiple characters and sometimes teamwork also. There are many RPG games that still need to make a comeback. But, for now, in this article, we will be talking about the best RPG games for Android, as Android devices are the new platform for portable gaming.

Best RPG Games For Android In 2018

 1. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead

This is on top of the list of best RPG games for Android. This free RPG game is based on the Robert Kirkman comics. This game is all about strategy and survival where you have to fight the dead walkers and survivors. Walkers try to enter the city by damaging the walls. Whereas, the Survivors try to damage the foundation of city from inside. It is free RPG game to play.

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2. EvolandEvoland

 This role-playing game is fun game with lots of action and full of strategy. This gameplay is based on history and has a classic effect that takes you back in past. To move ahead, in the beginning, a female protagonist will accompany you for a while. But, after on you are on your own. Along the journey you will receive many items that will help you out further in your journey. With lots of mystery and puzzles to solve, this game is one of the best RPG game.

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3. Shadow Fight 3

 Shadow Fight 3

It is a free RPG game with intense and epic action. This is a sequel to Shadow Fight 2 by Nekki. This game is all about mastering the shadows by going through every challenge. In every challenge you have to fight different antagonists, each powerful than the previous one. There are three different styles for fighting, where you can choose the one you prefer. The world is at war and in the middle, there are three parties that want to destroy everything and want to acquire all the land, there you have to decide which one to choose in order to save the world from being at war and getting destroyed.

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4. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale

This game is the mobile version of game Icewind Dale, which was released in 2000. This mobile version has many new features that changed the whole gameplay. Now players have new spells and items that also include stronger armory and weapons. You can begin your game with 6 characters, but it is recommended that you go out with only one or two so that you can update each one of them with time. This game is one level in terms of brutality as you have to kill many people to bring the changes. This is not all, there are many side quests as well to keep you busy through the journey.

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So, this is it guys! This is the list of best RPG games for Android devices. Make sure when you play, you live up to your role this time.

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