How to Delete Gmail Messages in Bulk

How to Delete Gmail Messages in Bulk

No matter how organized you keep your Gmail account, by separating your important emails from junk, deleting unwanted emails from time to time, your inbox might still be full of things that you necessary don’t want. So, if you want to delete old emails or messages to recover some space in your Gmail inbox, you have come to the right place.

Steps to Delete Gmail Messages in Bulk

In this post, we have listed some of the ways to remove old Gmail messages and recover space in your inbox without any hassle.

1. Search by date

You can sort your emails by date and remove old Gmail messages easily. To do that, type a specific date in YYYY/DD/MM format in the search bar.

For example, if you enter 2018/14/05, then you will get a list of all emails received prior to May 14, 2018

Search by date

Another way to sort your emails by date is, type older_than:1y, list of all received emails older than 1 year will be shown. If you want to search the emails for months or days, use m for a month instead of y, d for days in place of y. To delete all of them, click the checkboxes beside the email and click on Delete button.

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2. Labels and Categories

If you don’t want to search by date or month, you can use another method, Labels that you have assigned and Categories in which you arranged your emails. You search emails with label name, type label: label name to search the emails. As for categories, type category: social or category: updates to find the emails in these categories.

3. Combinations

So far, you know how to use sort by date and sort by labels and categories. Did you know you can combine both of them to get better results? Yeah, you heard it right, you can delete Gmail messages in bulk! Let’s say you are looking to delete 6 months old emails under the label ABC, then you need to type older_than:6m label: ABC. This works best for the people who have organized in boxes, just search and delete old emails you don’t want anymore.

If you want to search by using advanced methods, Google has the list of search operators to filter through your inbox and search which emails you don’t want.

In this way, you can delete Gmail messages in bulk. Try it and keep your Gmail inbox clean and decluttered.

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