Newsletter_ Instagram Ready For Competition With Video Hub & Microsoft releases New Windows 10

Newsletter_ Instagram Ready For Competition With Video Hub & Microsoft releases New Windows 10


“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life” ~Bill Gates



Instagram is planning to launch a dedicated home for music videos and scripted shows up to 1 hour in length on June 20th, 2018.


It is an owned video channel that is usually utilized by brands to portray various exclusive and unique videos to the audience. In another words, it’s a place where brands show their videos online with the aim of engaging a large number of people. These brands are controlled by the consumers timing, programming journeys, and video management.


According to the sources, the Instagram video hub will be a new long-form video hub that will come with tons of amazing features like it will contain popular, and curated videos. In fact, this video hub comes with continue watching feature that will let the user view longer videos into tinier parts and periods.

Instagram has not confirmed its strategies and approach till now. However, as per the sources, the company has the aim to let the publishers and creators earn money from the longer videos, but it has not decided yet that how come with ads such as mid-intervals and pre-rolls as well as revenue divisions will take place.

In fact, Instagram video hub is not going to a Netflix challenger, so the user should not have any expected HBO-level quality or Netflix Originals, as this hub is going to focus on more YouTube-style videos from independent creators.

As per the sources, for now, the photo and video sharing social networking service are paying attention to high-profile social media stars to product “professionally produced video,”.

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Microsoft has rolled out a new preview for Windows computer along with the privacy, security, localization and Windows MR enhancements. All these features are included in RS5 branch which depicts the upcoming changes in Windows 10.


Windows 10 development is bringing tons of new and mind-blowing features on users. The tech giant has announced 5 major updates like Creators Update, Fall Creators Update Anniversary Update, November Update and April 2018 Update.

The tech giant also launched a new Region page that dominates that basic regional format settings like calendars. You can access the page by Settings apps > Time & Language > Region.

In case your microphone access is disable from your privacy settings, and if you try to use microphone, Windows will notify you that the microphone is blocked or disabled. You can make the changes, by clicking on review your settings.

For Windows, MR (Mixed Reality), the new version Windows MR doesn’t need a physical monitor to be associated when you’re running Mixed Reality. However, if you’re doing it for the first time then you require the set up for the initial use. Moreover, with the new development, now you can use camera Capture UI API to capture photos of the MR world while running the apps. In fact, now easily users can stop video with the help of start menu.

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The new updates and development always fix the minor bugs and comes with lots of improvements. So, here are the improvements:

Fixed the problem that occurs during the bug checks on the prior build with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error.

There is a new name for ‘Settings > Gaming > Game DVR’ – “Captures”.

Dark theme enhances the look of File Explorer.

Paint and WordPad settings along with the recent files migration issue during the upgrades has been resolved.

‘Replace or skip files’ dialog box has dark elements in the new version.

Fixed issue wherein Japanese IME’s big mode indicator would show up in the center of the screen, when you call UAC, even after disabling the mode indicator from Settings

Problems are resolved with the taskbar flyouts like volume and network.

Resolved the issue with Clock and Calendar flyout that didn’t do anything in from the taskbar.

Fixed an issue with ‘Command Prompt’ where the cursor wasn’t available on prior flights.

Fixed an issue where the Emoji Panel might not dismiss if you clicked somewhere else on the screen.

Resolved the issues that dismiss the Emoji Panel, if you click anywhere else on the screen.

When you switch to Microsoft Pinyin IME in current flights then it creates a high number of reliability issues that have been resolved in the new version.

After the current update, Windows 10 build number is changed from the RS5 branch 17682 (made available to testers on May 31) to 17686.

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