63 Best MS Word Shortcut Keys To Increase Productivity

63 Best MS Word Shortcut Keys To Increase Productivity

Want to improve your productivity and efficiency at working on MS word? We are sharing with you some of the most useful Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts to help you save time and speed up your work.

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software and most of us use it for our daily tasks. We use both keyboard and mouse while working on it. However, you may not have realized that using mouse again and again kills much time. We can save this time by using keyboard shortcuts. Using them will make our work much faster and convenient than before.

Here are several MS Word shortcuts keys that can increase your productivity at work. Every shortcut serves unique purpose. Read On!

General Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+NOpens a new blank MS word document.
Ctrl+OOpens an existing document. It opens a dialog box through which you can browse and select the desired document to open it.
Ctrl+SSaves your document anytime during work.
F12Opens the ‘Save As’ dialog box which enables you to name the file.
Ctrl+WCloses the current document.
Ctrl+ZUndoes the last action. It can be used many times in a row.
Ctrl+RRedoes the action. It also can be used several times continuously.
Ctrl+FSearches a document.
F7Checks spelling and grammar.
Alt+Ctrl+SSplits a window into two parts.
Ctrl+Alt+VShows the Print Layout View.
Ctrl+F2Shows the Print Preview View.
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MS Word Shortcut Keys to Navigate Through Document

Ctrl+Left/ Right ArrowMoves the cursor one word to the left or right from its current position.
Ctrl+Up/Down ArrowMoves the cursor up or down one paragraph.
EndBrings the cursor to the end of the current line
HomeBrings the cursor to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl+Home/EndTakes you to the beginning or end of the document.
F5Opens the Find and Replace dialog box. The ‘Go To’ tab is selected by default. You can go to any page, section or line quickly. You can also find and replace text using Find tab and Replace tab.
Shift+F5Takes the cursor to the last point where it was placed for editing or insertion. It can be used 3 times in a row to move to previous 3 cursor locations

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts For Selecting Text

Ctrl+ASelects the entire document.
Shift+Left/Right Arrow Selects one character to the left or right.
Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right ArrowSelects one word to the left or right.
Shift+Up/Down ArrowSelects one line up or down the current cursor location.
Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down ArrowSelects text to the beginning or end of paragraph.
Shift+End/HomeSelects every element to the beginning or end of line.
Ctrl+Shift+Home/EndSelects elements to the beginning or end of the document.
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MS Word Shortcut Keys For Editing Text

Ctrl+CCopy the current selection to the clipboard.
Ctrl+XRemoves the current selection and copies it to clipboard.
Ctrl+VPastes the current clipboard contents.
Ctrl+BackspaceDeletes one word to the left.
Ctrl+DeleteDeletes one word to the right.
Alt+Shift+RCopies the header or footer from previous sections.

MS Word Shortcut Keys For Character Formatting

Ctrl+BFormats text as bold.
Ctrl+IApply italics formatting.
Ctrl+UUnderlines the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+DDouble underline the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+WUnderlines the text but not spaces between the words.
Ctrl+[ or ]Increases or decreases the font size of the current selection.
Ctrl+=Makes the selected text into subscript
Ctrl+Shift+=Makes the selected text into superscript.
Ctrl+Shift+AFormats letters case into uppercase.
Ctrl+Shift+KFormats letters case into lowercase.
Ctrl+Shift+CCopies the formatting of the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+VPastes the formatting onto selection.
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Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts: Paragraph Formatting

Ctrl+MIncreases the current or selected paragraph’s indent.
Ctrl+Shift+MReduces the paragraph’s indent.
Ctrl+TIncreases a hanging indent of the current or selected paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+TReduces a hanging indent of the paragraph
Ctrl+EAligns text to both the left and right margins
Ctrl+LAligns text of the selection to the left
Ctrl+RAligns text of the selection to the right
Ctrl+1/2/5Sets spacing between the paragraphs. Ctrl+1 is used for single spacing, Ctrl+2 for double and Ctrl+5 for 1.5 lines spacing
Ctrl+0Removes one line spacing before a paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+NApplies the normal style to the paragraph
Alt+Ctrl+1/2/3Applies the Heading styles
Ctrl+Shift+LApplies the List style to the paragraph
Shift+EnterInserts a line break
Ctrl+EnterInserts a page break
Ctrl+Shift+EnterInserts a column break

MS Word Shortcut Keys: Working on Tables

TabSelects the contents of the next cell in a row.
Shift+TabSelects the previous cell in a row.
Alt+Home/EndSelects the first or last cell in a row.
Alt+Page Up/Page DownSelects the first or last cell in a column.

It’s a tough task to learn all these shortcuts especially for beginners. But as every MS shortcuts key might not be useful for you based on the type of work you do on Word hence, you can learn the ones that you use most often. Be patient, give yourself some time and practice. Once you have memorized them and are able to recall them instantly, you can see your productivity skyrocket to new levels.

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