How To Modify Closed Captioning On Amazon Prime Video?

How To Modify Closed Captioning On Amazon Prime Video?

Captioning is a term used for the text displayed on the screen to help people with hard hearing understand important audio content. It also helps elderly people in understanding the audio content with ease. Nowadays people watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services get new content as well as get to relive the old moments with classics. You can also change the font size on Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. If you are having a hard time in changing the font size on Amazon Prime, read on!

In this post, we will discuss how to adjust closed captions on Amazon Prime video in detail.

Adjust Closed Captioning On Amazon Prime Video:

1. Turn on the computer which has Amazon Prime account logged in. From the home page, navigate to downward facing arrow from right hand side corner. Click on it.

2. Select Account Settings.

closed caption on amazon prime video

3. Under Account Settings page, you will get a tab Subtitles. Click on it.

closed caption on amazon prime video

4. From the Subtitles page, click on Edit under Subtitle Preset 1 or 2.

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5. You will get options to change the color, font type, font size, background and more.

closed caption on amazon prime video

6. Make the changes and click Save to make the changes permanent.

7. Now turn on your TV, play any video from Amazon Prime. Go to closed caption button (the one that says CC).

8. Press Select.

9. Now, choose a preferred caption size, and also select the preset that you have customized on your computer.

So, in this way you can adjust closed captioning on Amazon Prime video from your computer.

Adjust Closed Captioning on Apple TV

Apple comes with its own closed captioning customization features that work across all the apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. To edit closed captioning on Apple TV, follow these steps:

1. Locate Settings app (gear icon) on your Apple TV. Now select General from the menu.

2. Now from the menu, choose Accessibility.

3. Click Subtitles and Captioning.

4. Check whether closed captioning option is turned on. However, you can also click Style, which has four presets, either select from them or make changes on your own.

5. On the other hand, if you just want to increase the font size of closed captions, the Large Text preset will work. As you select large text on Apple TV, the closed captions/subtitles will appear larger on your streaming apps.

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In this way, you can adjust closed captioning on Apple TV.

So, these are ways to modify or edit closed captioning on your computer and Apple TV. Try it and get larger text of closed captioning when you stream videos on Amazon Prime.

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