Newsletter: YouTube Web Adapts Vertical Videos & YouTube Dark On Android

Newsletter: YouTube Web Adapts Vertical Videos & YouTube Dark On Android

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THE STORY: YouTube has finally embraced the vertical videos on its web-based player. Although, Android and iPhone users are already able to play vertical videos on their mobile apps.


Vertical videos are generally shot by smartphones that are intended to be watched vertically. Vertical videos are taller than their own width. Although, you’re most likely to record a video vertically while capturing something important with your mobile phone. However, vertical videos are evaded by professionals, ad makers etc. due to the fact that they are not suitable the aspect ratio of installed moving image forms like films, TVs and newly developed web video players. Now that most of the users capture their videos vertically, there was an urge to take steps where vertical videos are given preferences too.


One of the biggest reasons to adapt vertical videos is the number of users who shoot their videos with their smartphones. Also, there are many channels, which are being run through the videos shot vertically with mobile phones. It is understood that every channel owner can’t afford to buy professional camera to shoot its videos. In a report by MOVR (Mobile Overview Report), it was found that users hold their smartphones vertically 94% of the time. This trend has already inspired Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to to adapt vertically shot contents.

It is true that accepting vertical videos isn’t easy as major part of the world is habitual of watching contents on a wider screen. Unlike regular shots, a vertical video would require a sharp, refined and a closer cropped take. When Snapchat initiated the vertical videos format, which is said to be one of the reasons why ESPN took to the famous platform to introduce a vertical version of flagship shows for younger audience.

Steven Braband, director of digital video operations, ESPN said, “Vertical video has changed our editing process. Prior to launching SportsCenter on Snapchat, virtually every highlight we created would first use the traditional ‘game angle,’ then go to replay angles on some of the biggest plays. Now, if you look at our SC Snapchat show, we’re often going straight to the replay angle of a big LeBron dunk, for example, and that’s all we need.”


THE STORY: After the success on its iPhone app, YouTube now allows Android users to get the Dark Mode feature on their smartphones. The Dark Mode is introduced for Android users after its eminent demand from users.


YouTube Dark Mode is a feature which was first introduced for iPhones and web video player on YouTube. The Dark Mode of YouTube allows you to get a black theme upon launching the YouTube app. When YouTube first launched it for iPhones, it became very popular and a vast demand rose to launch it for Android based smartphones. To which, YouTube has now brought it for Android users. One of the best things that I like about YouTube Dark Mode is that the sharp while background light of my smartphone doesn’t irk me anymore in the night.


If you’re an Android user who watches videos at the night time, the white background may irritate your eyes. However, you’re now given a way out and install the Dark Mode by following the below steps:

  1. You must ensure that you are using the latest version of the YouTube app on Android as the previous version would not have this feature.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap the General tab from the list of options.
  4. There, swipe the button to enable the Dark Mode on your Android smartphone.

Note that this feature is being rolled out and it may take several days for everyone to get the Dark Mode on your Android smartphone. So, if you’re unable to see the Dark Mode on your device, you may need to bear the white background light for a little more.

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