21 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps

21 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps

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Digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and computers have made an irreplaceable space in our lives and are used regularly by billions of consumers worldwide. But despite of significant growth in technology, users have always been weary of diminishing performance in their Android devices. Slowdowns in performance is a normal thing if you’re using an old device or phone that has run its course. But when the same happens with a newly purchased device or phone, it becomes essential that you give your phone a proper cleaning and optimize your android.

Depending on your phone brand and size of data, optimization and cleaning could take days without a dedicated cleaning and optimization app. So without wasting anytime further, here’s a list of the best Android Optimizer apps you can find.

Top Android Optimizer and Booster Apps :

1. Cleaner For Android

Systweak Android Cleaner

The one-stop cleaning app that not only cleans and organizes your phone but can also reduce battery consumption. It features a highly-convenient ‘1 Tap Booster’ that can boost your device performance without hassles. Apart from this, it also features a duplicate file cleaner that automatically scans your phone for any duplicate files and you can delete them with a single click. This also comes with a dedicated ‘Game Booster’ that will keep your games from lagging or crashing. This is certainly one of the best android optimizer apps that will serve all your cleaning and optimization needs. Get the App here

2. Action Launcher 3

best booster for android

Unless you use Google Nexus or Pixel, there’s a fair chance that the in-built app launcher on your android is totally crappy. Not only does your default launcher create unnecessary widgets, but it’s related background processes can slow your phone to a crawl. The best way to get about this is by installing Action Launcher 3 App which is one of the best android booster apps. It’s look is inspired by Google Pixel and can improve user experience for any android device to a significant degree. This helps you customize the way your apps launch and look. You can choose new icons for frequently used apps and pin them to the dock, making it easier for you to access them.

Download Here

3. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Another great app launcher for Android, Nova Launcher replaces the home screen to a more enhanced one. You can change app icons, animations and widgets for each app, while putting the most used apps in a convenient dock. It also stabilizes app performance while ensuring that no background process interferes with it. Not only this is one of the best Android Optimizers, but also helps you make the best out of the apps that are installed on your phone. Its user friendly design ensures that it can be used easily by both novice and expert users, sans the useless gimmicks.

Download Here

4. CCleaner


You know a cleanup app is good when its name says Crap Cleaner. PC and laptop users might already be familiar with this handy tool and now it’s also available for android. This will remove all junk files and data from your phone that is no longer required. This includes clipboard items, cache, downloads and history etc. along with saved text messages (SMS), which can be cleaned in one go. The tool also helps you uninstall apps safely including native apps that cause system lags. This is certainly one of the best Android Boosters you can find for your phone or device.

Download Here

5. DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster

Another well-known speed booster app, DU Speed Booster serves a variety of functions for android users. It cleans up your phone RAM and frees it up from any background app activity. It can also scan your phone in seconds for any Junk that you can delete with a single click. Don’t just optimize your android, but also protect any viruses or malware from entering your device with real-time protection against these threats. Apart from this DU Speed Booster also boosts your phone network strength thus improving various issues related to poor internet connection.

Download Here

6. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox

Rooting your android would certainly screw your device’s warranty, but could actually become a savior when you’re using an old device. Rooting provides you access to several options and a chance to maximize your device’s performance. But for cleaning and boosting tasks, the best app for a rooted android device is certainly the 3C Toolbox app. It features some of the best tools from various phone optimization apps that spark new life into your dying smartphone. It is used to clean, protect and optimize your phone along with tons of other features that helps you know every nook and cranny on your android. Although this is recommended for use with Rooted android phones, but can also work well with regular devices.

Download Here

7. App Tuneup Kit

App Tuneup Kit

Sometimes, despite of cleaning and removing all junk from your phone you might still experience slowdowns when using specific apps. This could be due to various factors related to the app itself. To counter such technical issues, the best solution is to use the App Tuneup Kit. With it, you can quickly analyze your app performance and how you could boost your android. With a single tap, you can get app analysis in 60 seconds and gives you various suggestions and alternatives for that particular app that won’t affect system performance. This is also a great app for developers who can check their apps before launch.

8. Clean Master

Clean Master

Including both phone booster and antivirus, Clean Master is one of the best Android Optimizers for your phone. It cleans junk files, notifications, viruses while performing other tasks such as battery and phone boost. You can also improve chargup time, lock apps, quickly access favorite apps, boost game performance, manage installed apps, along with various customization features, helping you get the most out of your android device.

9. Startup Manager

Startup Manager

Your phone could have several apps running in the background that could hamper performance and cause issues such as slowdowns and crashes. The best way to resolve this is by disabling any startup apps that you don’t really need. This can be done easily with the Startup Manager app. You can enable or disable any app or service that you feel can cause slowdowns. Boost your android startup making it much quicker with the handy Startup Manager app for free.

10. RAM Booster

RAM Booster

While a lot of other cleanup apps for android come with tons of functionalities, in most cases all you need to do is boost your RAM. Aptly named RAM Booster app simply frees your system memory (RAM) from any ongoing processes. This improves the speed of your device or phone in a single click and is certainly the quickest way to improve and speed up your phone.

11. Wondershare Mobile Go

Wondershare Mobile Go

Known simply as Mobile Go App, this is all you want to speed up your slow running android. It not only takes the least battery power of all apps, but is also the best Android booster app you can get your hands on. It guarantees a 70% boost to your phone or device and can also be used to easily transfer files between PC and smartphone. It’s app lock functions also keeps your friends or family members from accessing your private stuff or any unsuitable app. It is one of the best RAM optimizer apps for android devices with over 7 million satisfied users.

12. Power Clean

Power Clean

Like its name suggests, this app takes care of all your android cleaning and optimization requirements, sans the effort. It includes a memory booster, device optimizer, junk files cleaner and app manager to free up as much space and RAM as possible. You can also disable any unnecessary apps that you think slow down device performance. Other than this, Power Clean also allows you to remove duplicate photos, lock private apps and manage app notifications making this an essential android booster app.

13. All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox

When it comes to technology, there’s no such thing as overkill and the same can be said about All-In-One Toolbox for android. It can clean junk, boost RAM, cool down CPU, batch app installer/uninstaller, backup tool, boot speedup, lock apps, boost game performance, detect apps with too many ads and help you manage notifications. Apart from these functions, you also get additional swipe control gestures, volume settings, code scanner, flashlight, compass with the convenience of task scheduler, making this one of the best android optimizers available.

14. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer

This is definitely not a Star Wars reference, but a simple yet powerful app to quickly resolve most performance and storage related issues on your android phone or device. With a simple tap, this app cleans junk, optimizes battery consumption, clear RAM and recover storage. Not only this, Droid Optimizer also scans for any traces of your privacy on your device, which you can delete. This keeps any hackers or potential threat from exploiting your personal information. This also tries to keep users entertained through funny pictures, so your phone optimization never feels like a boring task.

15. Ancleaner


Organizing and cleaning your smartphone will never be easier as with the handy Ancleaner app for Android. Despite of its simple features, it does a great job at getting your phone rid of any junk files, cache, removing interfering files that slow device speed and RAM cleaning. Although this isn’t as heavily equipped as other apps in the list, Ancleaner doesn’t take too much RAM space and can quickly speed up your Android phone or device.

16. Clean Android

Clean Android

Smartphone optimization might be a time consuming task, but with Clean Android app nothing is as easy. This app is absolutely free and takes up relatively less space on your device. It improves your battery backup by disabling apps and functions that you don’t need. With a single click you can clean junk files, notifications, boost RAM, recover storage space and cool CPU. Moreover, you can also block any apps and notifications that hamper your work and cause device slowdowns.

17. APUS Booster+

APUS Booster+

This app promises a 50% boost in phone speed and 20% better battery life and is one of the best Android Optimizer apps on the Playstore. APUS Booster+ can hibernate any apps that drain battery power and can boost device performance with a single tap. It can also be used to lock any social apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, so no one can invade your privacy without your permission. It doesn’t require you to root your device, which makes it extremely handy for even novice users who wouldn’t like to mess with their phone’s warranty.

18. The Cleaner

The Cleaner

Do not be deluded with its simplistic name as The Cleaner is certainly one of the most adept android cleaning app you can find. It features a highly user-friendly yet attractive interface that lets you perform complex cleaning tasks with little effort. It features a highly functional Memory Optimizer that clears the RAM and makes it available for slow running apps. It is also a great app for gamers with its Game Booster module that improves performance beyond the device’s threshold.

19. Phone Clean

Phone Clean

One of the lightest optimization apps you can find for your Android smartphone or tablet. Phone Clean can do all that most optimization apps can do and more. It not only frees your phone from junk and unwanted data, but can also remove adware that can slow down internet and cause apps to become laggy. It’s Smart Reminder module will also notify you as soon as your phone accumulate any junk apps or data that hampers performance. It can also help conserve battery power by disabling unwanted apps and lowering CPU usage.

20. Virus Cleaner

Virus Cleaner

A lot of people might not believe this, but Trojans and viruses are becoming extremely common for Android users. These malicious apps and programs not only hamper your device’s performance but can risk your personal and financial details. Virus Cleaner might sound like a simple antivirus app for android devices, but is included with various other features that make it one of the best optimization solution for android. It offers real-time protection against any malicious threats while using the internet, and can warn you of any phishing attempts. You can also test your network security and find tips and suggestions to improve it. Virus Cleaner can also boost Wi-Fi signal, which makes it quite unique among the plethora of Android cleaners available on the Playstore.

21. Just Cleaner

Just Cleaner

Another 100% free android optimizer app, Just Cleaner does exactly as its name suggests. It instantaneously frees your RAM from any ongoing actions and improves your device’s speed. It has a special Game Booster module along with a highly efficient Junk Cleaner. You can also manage your apps and disable the ones that you don’t use much so they use less battery power and data making this a simple yet one of the best Android booster apps.

Android devices might be looked down for their inconsistent performance as compared to iOS. But that doesn’t stop Android from being the most versatile and user-friendly operating system for mobile devices. We’ve tried our best to make the above list of the best Android Optimizer Apps as inclusive as possible, but if you have any more suggestions, please feel free to share them in comments.

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