5 Amazing Places To Spend Your Bitcoins

5 Amazing Places To Spend Your Bitcoins


Though Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency that is based on a blockchain, for now there is still are limited options available to spend it. Many people, especially those who don’t believe in cryptocurrencies, have this hankering to know if this money can be used like any legal tender. Well, the answer to this question is Yes! However, there are not as many outlets and POS where you can buy something against Bitcoins as you have for regular currencies. Today, we’re going to talk about the amazing places to spend your Bitcoins and get something in return:

spend bitcoin

  • Microsoft:

spend bitcoin to Microsoft

It may surprise some of you, but one of the biggest tech giants in the world does accept Bitcoins as payment. Microsoft allows you to top your account with Bitcoins. You just need to select the Redeem Bitcoin option in Payment options. Please note that Microsoft allows you to use it to purchase movies, games and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores. But, you’re not allowed to redeem these funds to buy products on the Microsoft online store.

  • Expedia.com:

expedia accept bitcoin

Expedia.com needs no introduction as being the largest travel booking firm. It helps you make your travel bookings with your Bitcoins. Expedia collaborated with Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange giant, while it was trying to be the largest travel agency online. Expedia.com has been helping customers to book their travel with Bitcoins since 2014. Although, they only accept Bitcoins for hotel bookings, they’re working towards to open their network for flight booking too.

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  • Overstock.com:

overstock accept bitcoin

Overstock.com was the first ever online retailer to accept Bitcoins as a payment method in January 2014. Overstock deals in selling big-ticket items at cheaper rates. Overstock also collaborated with Coinbase to help its customers make payments with Bitcoins. You can buy anything from computer to bedsheet and choose the ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ option to complete the purchase.

  • eGifter:

eGifter is a popular mobile app to buy gifts for your loved ones. If you’re not willing to increase your credit-card bill and have some spare Bitcoins, you just got an excuse to gift yourself something. The best part about eGifter is that you can buy gift voucher of Amazon,Home Depot and Sephora and buy things from there. eGifter works with Coinbase to help you buy these vouchers against Bitcoins.

  • Zynga:

Zynga partnered with BitPay to help online gamers for the purpose of in-app purchases. Zynga is one of biggest game platforms with a huge following of online gamers. You can play as well as buy with Bitcoins with the app.

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Overall, Bitcoin is no more just a cryptocurrency thatstays in a dead wallet and for a price rise. It was and still is usable over many different platforms and online portals as any legal currency. However, it is advised that you take extra caution while making a Bitcoin payment as you get a limited time window to complete the transaction.

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