5 Best International Bitcoin Exchanges

5 Best International Bitcoin Exchanges


Bitcoin is no less than a global legal tender that  just requires a formal exchange in international market to be considered as a full-fledged currency. It may be called luck that Bitcoin ironically emerged as the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. Like any other currency, Bitcoin also requires exchanges for trading and other purposes. Though there are myriads of exchanges available, we’re going to suggest you the 5 best international  exchanges to help you head towards investments.

We’ve reviewed these exchanges on various parameters. However, user discretion is required.

1. Coinbase:

Coinbase is said to be world’s largest Bitcoin broker covering more than 30 countries as of 2017. With an attractive and handy interface, Coinbase has over 4800000 signed up users. Coinbase allows you to buy Bitcoins through your debit cards, online wallets or any linked bank account. If you want to go with instant buy, you can use your credit card to get Bitcoins. As it is backed by major US investors, it can be trusted on.


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2. LocalBitcoins:

LocalBitcoins is a local marketplace for peer to peer Bitcoin exchanges. When buyer and seller agree on a trade term, LocalBitcoins executes the transaction. The biggest benefit to this exchange is that you may get your Bitcoin in a lesser rate than market. It is also the most private ways you can purchase a Bitcoin. However, the no. of scams over such exchanges are common, it’s better you take decision after confirming everything.


3. BitQuick:

Bitquick is among those few exchanges where you can buy a Bitcoin only through cash deposit. As it is an open way to buy a Bitcoin, you can place your Bitcoin order, go to the bank and deposit the calculated sum of cash into BitQuick account. Once BitQuick sees the transaction, it releases your Bitcoin in your BTC wallet. BitQuick operates in 49 countries and popular due to the cash support.


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4. Wall Of Coins:

If you’re a first time investor, Wall Of Coins is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges for neophytes. Its unique SMS process helps you walk through the entire process of buying a Bitcoin. Like BitQuick, Wall Of Coins also supports only cash method for any transaction. You just need to take walk to your bank, depost the investment sum and there’s a Bitcoin waiting for you in its wallet.

Wall Of Coins

5. Coinama:

Coinama is another best Bitcoin exchange that supports BTC transaction through credit card. Based in Israel, Coinama offers very high limits to buy Bitcoins with very welcoming customer service. You can buy Bitcoin through Visa and Master credit or debit card. It also supports cash deposits and Western Union. The only drawback of Coinama is the heavy fees over credit and debit card transactions. Although, it just takes 10 minutes of verification after which you can transact Bitcoins easily.


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Overall, every Bitcoin has different offerings for you to choose the best among them. However, before digging in, it is important you scrutinize every exchange on the basis of fees, exchange rate, all over reputation, credibility, transaction fees and global acceptance. Its also recommended to be informed about the risks and frauds associated with Bitcoin so you can avoid such circumstances.

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