5 Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020

5 Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020

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Podcasting has opened new aspects of entertainment beyond the conventional sources, making you independent to tune in to any broadcaster you wish to listen. Podcasting doesn’t have its own definition but it could be understood as some private channels targeting a specific group of people and providing media that’s demanded and appreciated amongst them.

You just need to subscribe to your favorite podcast and you’ll be getting all the latest updates in an episodic manner. There’re a lot of podcasting applications available on Google Play that provides you a platform to be connected to your desired podcasters. The best podcast app for Android should be able to fulfil your requirement and support the device. Here we’re discussing five best podcast apps for Android:

Best Podcast Apps for Android:-

1. Podcast & Radio Addict:

Podcast & Radio Addict is an extremely used podcast application for Android. It lets you browse multiple podcast networks and helps you find the desired podcast with name and keywords. PRA has inbuilt audio effect to let you alter the. It works as a standalone MP3 player and supports Chromecast. PRA allows you to do bookmarks, notes and live-stream the radio search engines. One thing that makes this application everyone’s favorite is – its FREE!

[appbox googleplay id=com.bambuna.podcastaddict]

2. Google Play Music:

Google recently has started to support podcasts in mid-2016. Google Play Music lets you subscribe different podcasts and notifies you when there’s an update from their end. You can start from where you left and it works on multiple platforms. You can enjoy the podcasts while getting the entire experience of Google Play Music, that gets better with time.

[appbox googleplay id=com.google.android.music]

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3. BeyondPod:

BeyondPod is the ocean of free audio and video podcasts across the world. From local radio to CNN and ESPN, you’ve got a lot to explore with this app. You’re allowed to play your content online and offline with controlled playback speed and sleep timer. BeyondPod lets you enjoy with just one tap as you can place a widget and playlist on homepage. BeyondPod comes with a 7 day trial after which you won’t regret paying for it.

[appbox googleplay id=mobi.beyondpod]

4. Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts is one of the handiest podcast applications on Play Store. It builds a playback queue from your favorites and surprisingly can cut the silence within the shows to help you finish faster; amazing, right! It lets you change the play speed and offers to increase the volume of voices and can decrease the background noise. Pocket Casts supports all the major podcasts and your favorites are stored on cloud to be synched wherever you want. Though it’s not free but costs you less than a cup of coffee.

[appbox googleplay id=au.com.shiftyjelly.pocketcasts]

5. Stitcher Radio:

Stitcher Radio has grown significantly in past few years in mobile offerings. With a wide range of podcasts to choose from, it possesses one of the most interactive and attractive user interfaces. This app lets you create custom stations. If you’re wondering about features, you’re not going to be disappointed. It has a breaking news function and lets you share what you’re up to. Stitcher is nothing fancy but made for every age group for use hassle-free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.stitcher.app]

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Taking everything into concern, choosing the best podcast app for Android is a bit tricky as these apps are greater than the other one in some senses.

Although, your needs and interests must decide the app to get a place in your device. Some of these apps may not be free but if you’re unlocking your freedom to entertainment, it’s too little to think for.

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