5 Easy Fixes to Resolve “Scratch disk is Full” Error on Mac

5 Easy Fixes to Resolve “Scratch disk is Full” Error on Mac
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“Scratch Disk is Full”

Have you ever encountered this error on Mac? Well, if you’re a regular Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro user then we’re sure you’ve certainly faced “Scratch Disk” issues on your Mac, right?

Scratch Disk is Full

If you happen to use Adobe Photoshop for professional or work-related purpose on your Mac, then you must’ve surely seen this error on screen while opening Photoshop “Could not initialize Photoshop because the scratch disk is full”. Have you ever wondered what is a scratch disk? And what does it particularly have to do with Photoshop? You can rest your quest now!

We’re here to resolve all your doubts by offering 4 most useful solutions that’ll help you fix “Scratch disks are full’ error on Mac. But before jumping on to these solutions let’s clear a few basic concepts!

What is a Scratch Disk?

When you’re using advanced software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Final cut Pro or Premiere Pro on any device they occupy a certain amount of virtual space or memory. This virtual space is like the cache memory which stores all temporary files and data. So, Scratch disk is that dedicated virtual memory space allotted to Photoshop which is used when there is not enough RAM to complete a task. So, while working on heavy projects or large files this space is often consumed with temp files and thereby you encounter the “Scratch disk is full” error on your Mac.

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5 Simple Solutions to Fix “Scratch Disk is Full” Error on Mac

If you’re wondering how to clear Photoshop cache to fix all such “Scratch disk’ related errors on Mac we’ve compiled 4 simple and effective solutions for you. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

1. Clearing Photoshop Cache

If you don’t ever notice the cache memory, it’ll expand like wildfire eating up a huge amount of disk space on your device. So, before the damage happens let’s see how we can get rid of Photoshop cache to keep the Scratch disk empty.

Photoshop comprises of an in-built tool that deals with cache memory. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch Photoshop on your Mac and tap the “Edit” button in menu bar.
  • Now hover over “Purge” and wait until you see four new options which include: Undo, Clipboard, Histories, All.

Clearing Photoshop Cache

  • You can either select individual item or tap “All” to get rid of all kinds of cache memory on Photoshop.

Deleting Photoshop cache memories will most probably fix all kinds of scratch disk issues on your Mac. But if it still doesn’t work let’s discuss other solutions!

2. Delete Photoshop Temp Files on your Mac

If the in-built solution on Photoshop doesn’t do the job for you, let’s hunt down the culprits manually. Look for files on your Mac that begin with “pst” extension and then a string of numbers followed by the file extension “.tmp”.

Delete Photoshop Temp

To make sure your scratch disk is empty, search for “Photoshop Temp” on your Mac and look within your entire Mac’s hard drive. Mac will take a couple of minutes to list down all temp files on Photoshop. Wait for a while until the entire list pops up on screen and then safely delete each and every temporary file from your Mac.

3. Optimize Disk Space

Once in a while it is advisable that you review the drive contents on your Mac. In this way, you can get rid of unneeded files and data and save a few extra chunks of storage space on your device. Head on to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage tab.

Optimize Disk Space

In the storage graph, you’ll see a “Manage” button. Tap on this option to optimize storage space on your Mac. Make the most of these Mac tools and save some additional storage space on your device. This is one of the best Mac optimizing techniques.

4. Change Your Scratch Disk

If you’re tired of regularly optimizing storage space on your Mac and if still the same scratch disk issues persist on your device, it may be a great idea to change your scratch disk to another drive. This will surely help you overcome the “Photoshop scratch disk full” error on Mac.

Optimize Disk Space

To change your scratch disk on Photoshop, follow these quick steps:

  • Launch Photoshop on Mac and tap the “Preferences” option on menu.
  • Select “Scratch Disk”.
  • Check the box of your respective scratch drive name to select or remove a drive as the scratch disk.
  • Tap on OK to save changes.

Once you’ve followed these steps, make sure you restart Photoshop application and then get to work.

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5. TuneUpMyMac

system cleaner

Last but not the least, here comes the smartest way to delete temp or cache files on your Mac. If you’re super annoyed with “Scratch disks are full” error on your mac, then relying on a third-party tool is a smart thing to do. TuneUpMyMac comprises of essential cleaning tool that can help you get rid of all sort of junk, cache, system, temp files in just one click. Download it from the button below-

The System Cleaner feature on this app very smartly cleans all cache files on your Mac, clear scratch disks optimizing your device’s performance and also offering you some additional storage space on your Mac.

So folks, here were the 5 most simple and useful solutions to fix “Scratch disks are full” error on Mac. We hope these solutions will resolve all your queries related to scratch disk on Mac. Next time when you plan on starting something new on Photoshop, make sure you follow all these steps for a smooth experience!

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