6 Best Fake GPS Location Apps On Android Devices

6 Best Fake GPS Location Apps On Android Devices

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GPS is the best way to find the current location of any smartphone. Also, most of the Android apps seek location access permission to perform better. Moreover, there some applications that won’t let the user pass the main screen if you don’t grant them permission.

Thus, it is imperative to grant location access to them. But some apps work on GPS system with country restrictions. For using such apps, you can use Fake GPS location apps on your phone. It will let you change your current location to get a fake location for easily using the app.

Also, fake GPS location Android apps are great when you want to jailbreak the OS. It will make the phone think you are in a certain location even when you are not. It helps in protecting your privacy.

In this blog, we are listing top 6 Fake GPS location apps for Android. These Fake GPS apps will easily allow you to change your location and show a new location from anywhere around the world.

The mock location app not only hides your location and gives you a new virtual location. It also helps you have a little fun as you can prank your friends and family and so on.

Here Are The Best 6 Fake GPS Location Apps That You Must Definitely Try:

1. Fake GPS Location By Hola

 Fake GPS Location By Hola

One of the best Fake GPS apps for Android is Fake GPS location. It is developed by Hola and is free to use. You can easily use this Fake GPS app to hide your current location or prank your friends with a wrong one. The app also has an option to chat with new people from a different location using chatting apps.

2. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App

Fake GPS location spoofer app is one of the best, easy and simple to use app. It provides user with two options to search for GPS. One, through names of places and second with the GPS coordinates. Once you get the desired fake location just press play and start lying about it.

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3. Fake GPS Location By Lexa

Fake GPS Location By Lexa

Fake GPS location is a highly rated app on Google. It works on any Android devices irrespective of root access. But a device that doesn’t have root access must have their mock location enabled from the developer’s end.

If while using this app, you are not able to delete the fake GPS location even after uninstalling, try this.

Start this app and set your real location. Leave it for some good hours, and you are all set.

4. Location Spoofer

Location Spoofer

Another great Fake GPS location app for Android is Location Spoofer. The best thing about that it is lightweight and will take up only 1 MB of your storage space. It is a Fake GPS go app that works even on Android go devices.

The functions of the app are similar to all Fake GPS apps on the list. But the free version has limited features and contains a lot of ads. So, if are willing to spend some bucks try the pro version for better features and no ads.

5. Fake GPS Run

 Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS run is another great Fake GPS location app on our list. You can use this on your Android smartphone and show the location of any place in the world. It is easy to use and has an interesting algorithm for generating GPS location of any place and shows it as your current one.

Before you can make use of this app, you have to configure it to get the Fake GPS coordinates.

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6. VPNa


The last but not the least Fake GPS location app is VPNa.  It is a latest and very popular app. Virtual Phone Navigation app can easily give your Android device a fake location. It is easy to use and hides your current location amazingly. Probably its best feature is that it saves all the fake locations and let the user use them later with different look and maps.

The above Fake GPS Android app has been tested. They let the user share the Fake GPS location via social media and apps like WhatsApp, Google Map and so on.

So, download these apps as they definitely work and hide your true location whenever you want.

Majority of people are okay with providing their location information. But these Fake GPS location apps are a blessing for privacy conscious people. Others just use it for fun but remember not to prank someone too much!

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