6 Best Game Booster Apps for Android Gamers

6 Best Game Booster Apps for Android Gamers

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There might be a chance that you’re not happy playing games on android due to performance issues. Although a game’s performance depends on the device’s hardware, you can still use a variety of tricks to enhance your android’s gaming capabilities. Although games with less graphical detail might be of no issue, but you certainly need the best, when it comes to game booster apps for android.

There are plenty of paid and free apps available that can essentially improve your device’s performance when playing games. To save your time, we’ve prepared a list of the best game speedup apps for Android phones and devices.

6 Best Game Booster Apps for Android

1. Cleaner For Android – Phone Booster & Memory Optimizer

systweak android cleaner best game booster app for android

The name might sound confusing but Systweak Android Cleaner is one of the most adept speedup app for android. It serves a variety of optimization functions such as junk files cleanup, app cache remover, battery life optimizer and game booster. All you need to do is open the installed game from Systweak android cleaner interface, to enjoy a lag free and smooth gaming experience. Listed below is a brief description about its features.

  • One Click Speedup – Frees up RAM with a single click to improve performance.
  • Improve Battery Consumption – inbuilt battery saver turns off functions like Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth while keeping a check on background apps and screen brightness to save battery.
  • Game Booster Module – Launch games from within this module to improve their performance and eliminate lag and unresponsive controls.
  • Storage Manager –  Organizing files on your phone or device is extremely easy. Storage manager will also help you get rid of any bulky files to free up storage space on your phone.
  • App Manager – Have total control over all installed apps on your system. Collectively clear all app cache and stop any unauthorized app to run.
  • Automatic Scan and Clean – With a single tap, it scans your device or phone for any issues that cause it to run slow in a matter of minutes. You then then fix all the displayed issues with a single tap to speed up your android. Get the App here

2. Dr. Booster

dr-booster game booster app for android

A dedicated app that frees up cache and RAM so you can play your favorite android games without any slowdowns. Moreover, the app is also capable of removing viruses and malware from your android device that improves performance to a significant degree. It also categories all the installed games neatly so you can access them quickly. Certainly one of the best game booster apps you can find in the market. Get this app here.

3. Game Booster & Launcher

Image Source: feirox.com

It is simple yet immensely powerful app that is designed to boost your Smartphone’s gaming capabilities and performance. It frees up your phone’s memory from useless processes, so you can enjoy lag-free gaming. The process is quite simple, launch the app, select the game you want to play, and tap ‘Game’ icon to launch the game in booster mode. One can also add non-application games to be boosted by Game Booster & Launcher. Get this app, here.

4. Game Booster Perform-Max

game-booster-performmax best game booster app

This amazing app not only speeds up your device, but will also improve its controller response so games can be enjoyed without any lags. Simply launch your games from within Game Booster PerformMax to speed them up. It effectively clears any bottlenecks such as cache, background running apps and unchecked network activities by apps to free up the RAM. This helps your games run smoother than ever before, despite hardware limitations. Get this app here.

5. Game Booster 3

game-booster-3 best app to boost game speed

Unleash your device’s real gaming capabilities with this highly recommended app. Game Booster 3 optimizes your device or phone so a major chunk of RAM could be used for gaming. Even if your game requires an active background service, this app uses Linux CPU management so that you can enjoy android games without being bothered by any slowdowns and crashes. While it works alike on all android devices, it also offers some extra advantages for rooted devices. It’s max speed function pushes your device’s gaming abilities beyond its threshold if you want to enjoy games with high detail. Get this app here.

6. DU Speed Booster

du-speed-booster for android

If you’ve heard of speed boosting apps, there’s a high chance that the name DU Speed Booster won’t sound unfamiliar. It is also a complete optimizer that cleans your Android device for better performance. Moreover, it also does a complete device optimization and removes any issues with slowdowns so you can enjoy mobile games without irritating crashes and blackouts. Get this app here.

Sure gamers can complain about lack of hi-detail graphics and inconsistencies with hardware when it comes to android games. Nevertheless, looking at the steady year-on-year growth in mobile gaming revenues, it sure is a booming market for both gamers and developers. If you love android games, you can also check our list of some of the most addictive and immersive games for android platform by trying the above best game booster apps.
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