12 Best Photo Management Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

12 Best Photo Management Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 (Free)

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On your Windows computer, you usually end up accumulating a lot of duplicate photos. They are there because you prefer to backup all your Photos and videos on your Windows computer from several different devices or smartphones and on top of that you do not have any best photo management software for windows installed. So, when all your old and new memories are at one place you should organize them better so that you can find anything quickly and easily whenever it is required. Sometimes this is not because we have backed up anything on computer, but it is because of duplication. When you share or download same picture multiple times or when you have same photos in multiple drives then there are multiple copies of same photos on your computer. these copies might occupy space on your hard disk without your knowledge.

To manage your photos well you also need to clear these multiple copies and to do this photo manager tool can help you by putting all the photos in one place and showing you all the details of your photos with thumbnail preview.”

Top Best Photo Management Software For Windows

In this article, we are listing 12 Best Photo Manager Tools for Windows which will make it simpler for you to manage images on your Windows PC.

1. Photo Organizer

When it comes to managing and organizing photos on your Windows Computer then this tool from Tweaking Technologies looks perfect application for this purpose. The application is loaded with amazing features. You can download and install the app from the link.

photo organizer - Best Photo Management Software For Windows

Once you are done with the installation, open the app. You will find that the interface of the application is quite simple and easy to understand. You will see all your photos in one place. You can bulk edit them or can apply bulk operations on your photos. Here are the key features of the application.

    • All your photos in one place- Now there will be one interface for all your photos.
    • Batch rename photos-the Quickly rename all the photos of an event or of a particular category so that you can easily identify them.
    • Delete Duplicate photos- The application also allows you to delete duplicate photos and the best part is that it finds duplicates on the basis of the content of file so if you have duplicate photos with different names then it will also help you to get rid of them.
    • Anytime revert changes: The application allows you to revert all the changes when you want. So if you have accidentally done something wrong, then too you need not to worry.

2. Magix Photo Manager

Magix is one of the Best Photo Management Software For Windows to manage photos for windows. It fetches all the photos on your computer within a few seconds and brings them to one place. Here you can do multiple operations with your files. Some key features of this application are.

  • Tools for cropping picture size optimization and red-eye removal are available.
  • It allows you to create a photo album anywhere on your computer and allow you to easily move photos there.
  • This tool also allows you to organize photos on your computer by removing duplicate images.

Magix-Photo-Manager - Best Photo Management Software For Windows

3. ACDsee System

If you have a photographer inside and you are looking for a photo manager with some more features then you should go for Acdsee. Like a good photo management, it shows all your photos on one place and with this you can add some professional amazing effects to your photos.



4. Adobe Bridge

You must have heard of Adobe Photoshop in photography. There is an application of Adobe for photos management purpose and it works as one of the best photo management software. You can open an explorer window in the side pane. From here, you can choose a folder or folder for which you want to organize images. Here are some key features of this Photo management software.

  • It allows you to set default preferences for the images you are uploading on the drive.
  • The application allows you to batch edit applications and allows you to add watermark to the batch of images.
  • You can easily keep and organize your Panorama and HDR images.



5. PhotoQt 

PhotoQT is a picture manager which is having a basic interface. You can perform some more than basic actions using this software such as rotation correction color tweak etc. if you are using a touch screen windows base device then this product completely belongs to you. Here are some other key features of this amazing product.

  • It is very fast and flexible because it creates thumbnail cookie which makes process faster.
  • Allows you to set picture as wallpaper directly.
  • You can use command line operations.


6. Phototheca Organizer

Another in the list of best photo management software is Phototheca. The application is having free and the pro version in the free version you can organize up to 5000 photos there is no limit for the size. It is a cross-platform application and you can organize your photos neatly. Some of the features of this application are really appreciable such as you can adjust the size of thumbnails and you can edit photos in full screen which makes it best photo management software.

Some of the key features of this Windows Photos Manager tool are:

  • You can check where are the original photos and where are the copies.
  • Auto update recently added files.
  • Supports multiple video and image formats.


7. Nikon ViewNX-i

Nikon is a well-known name when it comes to shooting equipment manufacturers. It is also having its own picture manager software to organize photos on your device. This organizer comes with many features such as you can enhance images after shooting and then the application makes it easier for you to organize or print them.

  • Plays slideshows for the images taken by you.
  • You can retouch or enhance images on the go.
  • Music can be added to the collection of photos to make memorable videos out of them


8. PicaJet’s Photo Organizer

If you are in the search of picture manager for windows 10 which can be used on network as well then you should choose this one. You can easily sync photos on network with the help of this tool and can manage them to find easily when they are required. If you have recently been on holidays, then picajet’s photo organizer can help you by allowing you to deal with the large collection of images.

Here are some of the key features of this product.

  • You can lock your private photos.
  • Support video and photo formats
  • You can view images as timelines.


9. Pictomio


The key feature or this windows photo manager is that it helps you to convert your normal photos to 3D images. With the help of this software it is easy to label or rate photos so that you can find them later with an ease. Also deal with the exif information which is really a useful feature of this software. Some other key features are.

  • Gives your collection cool look by turning your images to 3D.
  • You can apply lots of filters to bulk images.
  • You can view photos in slide shows and presentations.

10. Fresh View Multimedia Organizer

So, here is another best photo management software for windows which is not only a photo organizing. By organizing photos, it does a lot of things. It is a complete multimedia organizer best part about this application is that it is free. Some key features of the app are as follows.

  • You can also preview your Audio and video files on the app.
  • Users can organize their files without opening any folder.


11. DigiKam


Here is another Picture manager for windows 10 in our list. Its unique features makes it different and a perfect choice for those who are looking to organize photos and videos on there computer with the help of a third party software. The best thing about this software is that it works with the deep integration to metadata. Here are some of the key features of this product.

  • Can handle more than 100000 images.
  • User friendly interface and workflow.
  • Ability to organize photos using metadata such as geo tags or camera settings.

12. XnConvert


When it comes to organizing images it may also include resizing multiple images at a time and converting them to a different format XnConverter is a perfect solution. You can perform 80 actions using this software. Here are some of the key features of this software.

  • It is having a tool kit which solves multiple purposes for all the users.
  • It is a cross platform tool works of both 32- and 64-bit architecture.

This is how with the help of these best software to manage photos you will be able to manage Photos on your computer. Photos are memories for you and you can refresh them at any time if they are well organized on your computer.

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  • Bob Mackain
    This is an amazing list of article and I must commend the amount of man hours put into getting this content out. In the course of one of our projects, we have found that cloud solutions work better for us. It helps in better collaborations, photo management and efficiency.
    We have been lucky to have found some really good ones.

    2 years ago Reply
  • Mathias
    Phototheca is listed as a cross platform application. When stating this, please clarify which platforms that you have in mind. Im looking for a photo management software to use across both Mac OS and Windows (instead of using the default picture browsers “Photos”). Adobe bridge have been tested already, but the application does not save a library file to keep on a shared location.

    7 months ago Reply
  • Elie Boujaoude
    We need a little detailed information, beyond the key features. I am looking for a product that can replace the discontinued Google Picasa, but none of those seems to target similar audience.

    6 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia
      Hi Elie,

      You can try and use Photo Organizer or Magix Photo Manager to organize your images on a Windows computer.

      5 months ago Reply

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