7 Best Android Apps for Women Safety and Security

7 Best Apps for Women Safety and Security

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Do you feel safe when you walk alone on streets at night? Do you fear you could be attacked? Well 8 out of 10 women do not feel safe walking alone, especially late at night. You must be thinking, what to do to ensure your safety and security. The answer to that could very well be your “mobile phone”. Yes, your cell phone is the gadget you carry all the time with you. As per a recent survey, 97% of mobile users can’t live without their devices. So why not use your device for a greater cause?

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According to a report by NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center), “91% of victims of rape and sexual assault in the U.S are female”, which means one out of five women are raped during their lifetime.

Thanks to the advance technology, there are a few apps that you could download on your smartphone, which can help you in an uncomfortable situation. Installing these apps in your phone for your safety is not an option, it is a mandatory precautionary measure that every girl should take. Here, we will discuss some of the best safety app for women.

7 Best Women Safety Apps

 1. bSafe :

bSafe is a personal safety app. It is available free to download for both on Android devices and IOS, designed to keep you and your friends safe 24/7. You can use this app to let your kith and kin aware of your GPS location, or to acknowledge them that you have arrived your destination safely. It also provides you with feature to set up fake phone calls to get out of a blind date, long boring meetings or uncomfortable situations.

 [appbox googleplay id=com.bipper.app.bsafe]

2. Circle of 6:

Circle of 6 app allows you to choose up to six trusted people to add to your circle which makes it one of best safety app for women. You can send SMS alert message with your precise location to your friend whenever you are in trouble. It is a quick way to contact people who can help you in an uncomfortable and risky situation. It is most favorite among UK users. It connects you to 24*7 hotline for safety and advice. This app is downloaded by 10,000+ users and Winner of the 2011 White House and HHS “Apps Against Abuse.

[appbox googleplay id=com.circleof6.v2]

3. Safetipin:

My Safetipin app is designed for women safety. It has all essential features such as find the safest route, GPS tracking, emergency contact number. In this app, you  can view all the alternate routes from one place to another, and select the safest route to reach your destination safely. Besides English, it is also available in Spanish, Bahasa and Hindi. This app also collects the primary data about public spaces at night on different parameters, like lighting, visibility, diversity, crowd, walk path etc..

[appbox googleplay id=com.safetipin.mysafetipin]

4. Life 360 Family Locator:

Life 360 family locator app is one of the best safety app for women to locate your family members. It has feature to send SOS messages to the selected numbers and provides chat facility as well. It has a private map that’s only visible on family locator to track the current location of circle members using GPS, WIFI networks. This app is battery efficient app. It is compatible with IPhone, Android and Blackberry. You can also use this app to track stolen and lost phones.

[appbox googleplay id=com.life360.android.safetymapd]

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5. Smart 24X7

Smart 24*7 security app is supported by the police to ensure the safety and security of women and senior citizens. The panic button allows you to contact the police. It has a feature to record your voice, to click photographs, or to transfer the same information to the police. Smart 24*7 app has call center support, chat and tracking support.

[appbox googleplay id=smart.emergencyservice]

6. SOS-Stay Safe:

SOS is a free app that is available on App Store and Google Play Store, this app is one of the best safety app for women as it is useful in different situations like being stalked, attempted physical or sexual assault, road accidents and medical emergencies. you can activate this app by pressing the ‘Power’ button of your phone. It automatically sends an emergency alerts and your location to your family and friends. It has a GPS tracking; you can add two SMS emergency and email contact free of cost. However, you can add unlimited phone numbers and email contacts in Pro version.

7. Guardly

This app is available on iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows and Blackberry. It warns you about any potentially unsafe areas and provides an up-to date list of quick contacts, and type of emergency. You can inform authorities or dear ones in just one tap about your situation who will receive a message with your name and location. It has a profile page where can you put your important information, like name, age, blood group, emergency contact, allergies etc.

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Most of the time accidents or troubles happen due to recklessness and irresponsibility. However, that can be prevented by building your own personal safety network. If you set up the safety net, the apps will do the rest.

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