8 Unexpected Things Your Google Home Speaker Can do!

8 Unexpected Things Your Google Home Speaker Can do!

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Google home speaker is not just a gadget—it’s a part of our home! From controlling our smart home lights to managing our daily routines, it is like our own personal virtual assistant which aims to make our lives simpler. But that’s not just it!

Google Home speaker assistant apps

Here are a variety of unexpected (yet helpful) things that you can ask your Google home to do. With the help of a variety of Google home speaker Assistant apps, you can use this smart speaker to its full potential. Let’s make the most of our smart speaker by trying something out of the box!

Time Machine

With the help of Time machine app on Google home, you can listen to the top headlines of any day or year in past. It’s like going back in time to explore a new destination, a new part of the world. It’s a great way to educate your kids about important events which took place in the past so that they can learn something new every day in an entertaining way.

Memory Aid

Memory Aid app along with Google home speaker support can help you remember little things. You can ask the app to remember anything for you, like where you kept your car keys, whether it’s time to refill water bottles, a doctor’s appointment and other petty things like this. You can feed this info on Google home by saying “Hey Google, please remind me that I kept my wallet in bottom shelf”. And then whenever you forget (in case you do) then you can simply ask Google that “Hey Google, where’s my wallet” so that it can remind you instantly.

Writing Prompts

The Writing Prompts app is one handy solution to quickly jot down anything. Simply ask for a prompt and it will feed any idea what’s on your mind. Any quotation you heard on TV, or read somewhere you can simply feed it on your Google home speaker via Writing Prompts app.

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Dress Right

Are you one of those who take an eternity to get ready? As you’re simply deciding on what to wear, right? Well, with the help of Dress right app you can get clearer dressing suggestions based on local weather suggestions. You can take Google home speaker’s help and ask things like “Hey Google, what should I wear in Miami”, or “Hey Google, what dress should I wear tomorrow?”.


Google Home speaker assistant apps

As most of us are often caught up in constant stress of routine life, we never get time to meditate or relax our mind. Well, not anymore! With the help of Headspace app and Google assistant, you’ll never miss on meditating regularly. All you have to say is “Hey Google, tell headspace I’m ready to meditate now”. You can preach a meditation practice which suits your routine and takes your mind to a better place.

Repeating Timers

If Google’s built-in timer function isn’t good enough for you, you can try the Repeating Timers app on Google Home Speakers. It allows you to set repeating timers like “Hey Google, set 4 repetitions of 1 minute with 20 seconds pause”. In this way, Google home will notify 4 times in a minute while pausing after every 20 seconds.

Cool Events

To get to know all about nearby events via some of the best sources like Eventbrite, Meetup, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster simply install the “Cool Events” app to stay updated. You can search events by name, type or performer.

Tell Me Something Good

Google Home speaker assistant apps

In a world full of depression, tragedies and sadness wouldn’t you mind hearing something good about yourself every day? Once you’ve installed this application simply say, “Hey Google, tell me something good?” so that you can gather your faith back in humanity. By hearing something positive, you can start your day on a happy note and cheerful vibe.

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So these were a few unexpected things which your Google home speaker is capable of doing. Try these amazing Google home speaker assistant apps and make the most of your smart speaker.

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