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Capturing the screen of your computer is as simple as taking a picture. Still, most users get apprehensive when it comes to capturing screen or recording video on Windows 10. There’s no reason to be petrified as by using a simple screen capturing software or traditional screen capturing methods, one can easily take screenshots on Windows 10.

Also, there’s no need to use multiple programs to capture, edit, and record screen – TweakShot a.k.a. one of the best screen capturing software will do it all.

Prominent Features of TweakShot

  • It offers 4 screen capturing mode – Full Screen, Scrolling Window, Selected Region, Single Window
  • Capture Video
  • It automatically saves captured screenshot
  • Built-in screen Color Picker
  • Image Editor
  • Auto Saves captured screen and video
  • Easy, user-friendly, lightweight and free to use tool
  • The screen can be captured instantly using hotkeys
  • Allows uploading captured screen on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Available for Windows system
  • The tool can be used to add the annotation to the captured screenshot

This screen recording software can be downloaded by clicking here

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What is this tool and how is it helpful?

TweakShot is one of the best screen capturing and Video Recording Software. It simplifies work and increases productivity. TweakShot has proven to be advantageous in almost all fields like – professional, personal, education, training, and others.

Application usage of TweakShot: Best Screen Capture Software

tweakshot screen capturing software

Professional Use: TweakShot is not just a screen capturing software. It even helps to capture video, this means you can record web conference, make demonstration video, record voice commentary and even webcam feed.

Educational Use: Having access to online live lectures after they are finished is a treat. With TweakShot installed on your Windows 10, you can easily record online class lectures, add annotations and can use it to make a presentation. TweakShot helps you record video and capture screenshot of everything in few simple clicks.

Other Use: Besides this, TweakShot can be used to create amazing study material, record webinars and much more.

But the benefits of TweakShot don’t end here. This tool is best screen capturing tool as it is equipped to automatically capture scrolling window, screen region of fixed size. Plus, you can add annotations, pick screen color, highlight text, rotate captured screen, upload it on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, blur or pixelate selected text and much more. All this is a piece of cake for TweakShot.

You can Download TweakShot by clicking here

Why would you need TweakShot?

By using TweakShot recording software for windows, you can quickly capture screen, record video, add a note and upload the captured screen for future use. Moreover, you can edit screen captures; record online live sessions and can create a visually impactful presentation.

Benefits of TweakShot

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of documenting lengthy notes, or giving long lectures using screen captures you can explain things more promptly.

  • Create a presentation
  • Give graphical feedback to explain the problem and its solution
  • Time Saver
  • Visual and more interactive communication

Inbuilt method to take a screenshot on Windows 10

Apart from using TweakShot to capture screen and video, you can use Windows built-in method to take a screenshot.

Here we bring for your keyboard shortcuts to take capture screen on Windows 10

To capture complete screen, press Windows+PrntScrn and save the screenshot in any image editor. This way you will be able to capture full screen.

To capture the active window, press Alt+PrntScrn.

To capture a selected region on Windows 10 press Windows+Shift+S.

Using these in-built Windows method, you can easily capture screen on your Windows 10 machine.

We hope you’ll love using TweakShot. However, if you face any problem in using the product leave us a comment. We will help resolve any problems.

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