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Has it ever occurred to you that while talking with your special someone, you accidentally deleted the chat, and now you realize it’s a huge mistake? Actually, an awful mistake, simply because that conversation is so precious to you. If you’ve literally removed a conversation, and you think there’s no way to retrieve them back. Then you’re lucky because here we’ll help you to find and recover deleted Facebook messages in FB Messenger.

They once said, “Matter Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed”, the same statement is applied to Facebook Messenger as well! Because there might be a probability that you haven’t actually deleted a message, you might have archived it.

There are two options for deleting Facebook Messages, either you can remove them or archive them. Archived messages will no longer be in your list, but they don’t get permanently deleted. Follow the steps to find out, whether you have actually deleted your precious conversation or might have just archived it by mistake.

Ways To Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages On Messenger

Don’t fret, no special technical skills are required to retrieve deleted facebook messages. Just follow these straightforward methods and easily restore those deleted messenger chats.

METHOD 1- Find and Recover Deleted Chats Via Unarchiving Messages

Make sure, if you have really removed the messages or just archived them. Archived messages are put into a separate folder which is not displayed in the recent conversations area.

Follow these steps to retrieve deleted messages from Facebook Messenger-





STEP 1- Launch the Facebook Messenger App on your device. Make sure you’re logged in!

facebook messenger app

STEP 2- Go to the search bar and look for the conversation you think you deleted.

Image Source: androidpolice

STEP 3- When you see the desired chat, send another message to the recipient which will unarchive the entire conversation.

archieved facebook messages

STEP 4- On PC, Launch FB Messenger > Go to Messages Tab > Click on the ‘gear’ icon > Click on ‘Archived Threads’. All the archived messages will be listed there.

Recover Deleted Texts Via Unarchiving Messages step-4

METHOD 2- Restore Deleted Facebook Messages On Android Device via PC

FB Messenger usually saves a copy of your Facebook Messages on your storage device. So, try finding your deleted Facebook messages on your Android phone’s file explorer:

STEP 1- Attach your phone into your system via USB cable and locate your device.

STEP 2- Head towards ‘SD Card or Internal Storage’ > click on ‘Android’ > ‘Data’ > find “com.facebook.orca”.

Restore Deleted Facebook Messages On Android Device via PC step-2
STEP 3- com.facebook.orca > cache > fb_temp > find out your Facebook messages with backups in the folder.

STEP 4- Start recovering deleted messages on Facebook Messenger from your computer.  

METHOD 3- Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger Via Third-Party App (Android & iPhone)

If the above-mentioned method was not that helpful, you can try taking help from a third-party application that offers the easiest yet the fastest way to recover deleted texts in a couple of clicks.

STEP 1- Install Stellar Data Recovery for Android, it’s a dedicated tool to recover lost or deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos and other multimedia data from Android devices.

Download (Stellar Data Recovery For Android)-

STEP 2- Connect your Android device to the computer, launch Stellar Data Recovery for Android & connect your device to PC.

STEP 3- Download the software on your Windows PC & let the data recovery tool scan all your lost or deleted messages. It offers a one-click preview of messages, photos, videos and documents after the scan.

STEP 4- Go through the data you wish to recover from your smartphone & export files to save it!

STEP 5- All the files would be saved in PDF file format.

iOS users can try using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to efficiently recover deleted data from iPhone device.

Download (Stellar Data Recovery for iOS)-

METHOD 4- Find and Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on PC

Thankfully, Facebook realizes the fact that accidental deletion can happen to anyone. So, they’ve invented a direct way for users to restore deleted messages from settings:

STEP 1- Login to your Facebook account and head towards ‘Settings’.

STEP 2- General Account Settings > click on To download your information, “go to your Facebook information”.

STEP 3- Now, you will be redirected to the page where you can download each and every bit of information including every activity you’ve done on your Account, since the time you’ve joined Facebook. > Click on ‘Download a copy of your information to keep or to transfer to another device’.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages From A Downloaded Archive step-3

STEP 4- Read what information will be downloaded and click on ‘Create File’ button.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages From A Downloaded Archive step-4

STEP 5- Once you click on the button, a small pop-up message will appear on your screen, stating about how much time will be taken to gather all of your information, so that you can download your data completely. Hit ‘Download’ option to continue the process.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages From A Downloaded Archive step-5

STEP 6- A download link will be sent to you associated email ID. Click on ‘Download Archive’ button and everything will be downloaded on your device. Unzip the folder and find ‘Index’ file that contains all your Facebook Data > Choose ‘Messages’ and find your deleted Facebook messages.
That’s All!

Hope these methods were effective enough to help you find and recover deleted Facebook messages on Messenger. Stay Tuned for more ‘How-To’ fixes, tips and tricks on latest tech!

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  • Tasha Patterson
    Help me get my conversations back on my message Facebook messenger

    5 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hello Tasha, to recover deleted conversations you can simply go to your General Accounts Settings > click on ‘Download Your Information’ option > on the next page, select what information you would like to download (check Messages option) > click on Create File button > let Facebook gather all your information, once done you’ll be notified in your notification section to download the copy > Click Download option to continue the process. You can also watch this video to understand the whole procedure to recover deleted messages on FB Messenger:

      5 months ago Reply
  • Somnath Sarkar
    This is so helpful for me….Thank u.

    3 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey Somnath, thanks for the comment. Glad this article helped you!

      3 months ago Reply
  • Parisonline
    is there a way to recover a post in a chat that the sender deleted? So only one post that was deleted from an active chat by the sender?

    2 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey, unfortunately there’s no way to recover such posts! However, you can always try the above methods to check what works for you.

      2 months ago Reply
  • Judd
    It doesn’t work for me. Tried every way listed, still didn’t recover what I am looking for

    2 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey Judd, This should be kept in mind that, Facebook stores your data for up to 90 days. If your data is older than this duration, the probability of getting that data back is quite thin.

      1 month ago Reply
  • Claudia
    Hi, I’ve tried this method and I’ve seen all my old messages that I’ve deleted but one conversation that I’m actually looking for does not appear. How is that possible?

    1 month ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey Claudia, According to Facebook, it stores your data for up to 90 days. If your data is older than this duration, the probability of getting those data back is quite thin!

      1 month ago Reply

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