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From dusk to dawn, when you go to sleep or as soon as you wake up, we’re constantly checking our phones. And yes, even if it has zilch notifications. We’re so glued to our smartphones that keeping it away for even a minute seems like an impossible task. Internet is one of the most important reasons for this smartphone addiction we all have because without Internet our phones just appear seemingly dull.

Fight Smartphone Addiction

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Yes, we do understand that smartphones allow us to be productive and help us in various things but there’s always a thin line difference between using a gadget and getting addicted to it. You may not realize it yourself, but there may be a chance that you’re addicted to smartphone usage. How can you figure out on what level your addiction is and what all effects it can have on your health and mindset?

But before that here are a few reasons why we think how using your smartphone a little too much can have toxic effects on your health and stress level.

Can Lead to Increasing Stress

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Whether you’re a rebel teen or a mid-aged individual, if we ask any of you what is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in the morning, the answer would be the same—checking our phones! Constantly checking our phones even if it has no notifications or alerts have become more of a compelling reflex that we cannot resist. And when you check your smartphone, the first thing in the morning then it may lead to giving you a feeling of stress or anxiety. Say, you opened your phone and you see a bombardment of missed calls or text messages of office emails maybe, which might lead to giving you a lot of sudden stress. On the other hand, seeing absolutely no notifications can also disturb some of the individuals as they may feel left out and unwanted.

You Think More About People

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Imagine yourself in happy-jolly mood and then suddenly as soon as you check your social media accounts, you see your close friend’s vacation status and stories or a picture of a brand-new luxury car that your friend just bought recently. How will you feel about that? Wouldn’t it bother you in some type of way? Well, social media is all about pomp and show, and sharing what you do, what you think, the places you visit, the food you’re eating and probably everything else that we do. So, if you have a smartphone addiction and you’re constantly scrolling through the social media news feed, it may somehow change your opinion and thoughts, as you would tend to agree more on what people say rather than having your own opinionated point of view.

You Get Easily Distracted

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Checking your smartphone, again and again, may minimize the levels of your productivity as you might not be able to strongly focus on whatever you’re doing. Also, you may also not be able to prioritize tasks effectively while being distracted by your smartphone’s on-going notifications that just would stop popping on the screen.

How to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction?

So, do you think you’re addicted to smartphone usage in a way that it is affecting your health, habits, and mindset? Well, don’t worry! When there’s a will, there’s a way. You can try and download the Social Fever app that will allow you to smartly manage your time to curb your smartphone addiction.

social fever

It limits your smartphone usage and allows you to make the most of your time so that you can connect with the real world and do things which actually make your soul happy. Social Fever app is filled with a bunch of intuitive tools that give you detailed stats on how much time you spend using your smartphone, allows you to connect with your real-life interest so that you can be more productive and enjoy every minute of your day doing something meaningful.

P.S. Other than this, you can also try some other ways that can limit your smartphone addiction. Like, you can try and put your phone on the Airplane mode when you sleep or turn OFF the Internet when you’re out with your friends or family when attending social gatherings. Yes, it may get you all restless and agitated at once but remember it’s for your own good, isn’t it?

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