Advanced Driver Updater- The Best Driver Updater For Windows

Advanced Driver Updater- The Best Driver Updater For Windows


Running a hardware component on your computer needs a corresponding software that drives the hardware and is thus known as – no points for guessing – a ‘driver’!

We often get notifications when an update is available for the Operating System (OS). But most of the times, you need to manually check for driver updates. Some drivers do get updated with OS updates but the remaining drivers have to be updated manually.

If you’re facing any hardware performance issue, then it can be because of an outdated driver. However, it can become tiresome to do manual updation every time. But thankfully, you can use a tool –  viz. Advanced Driver Updater – that helps to keep drivers up to date with just a few clicks.

Let us find out how to install and use it to ensure that your system drivers are never outdated.

You can download the program from here.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed driver update tool, launch the app. You will then be taken to a screen where the application will scan all your drivers. You can click Start Scan Now to begin scanning for outdated drivers. This can also be used in case you cancelled the initial scan while using the application for the first time.

advanced driver updater by systweak

download driver updater tool

As soon as the scan is complete, you will be taken to a new page where all outdated drivers will be listed, along with the last updation details.

update outdated driver

On this screen, you can find driver name with installation dates and available update date. The drivers are listed in three categories based on their age namely Old, Very Old and Ancient. From here you can update individual drivers or just click “update all” to update all drivers in the list in one click.

Once this is done, you will see that this software will download update for all listed drivers.

driver updater for windows

When downloads are complete, it will not proceed to installation. Before that, it will backup your old drivers which ensures that changes can be rolled back in case anything goes wrong with the updated drivers. So do not worry as you will always have a safe backup with Advanced Driver Updater.

update driver

After the successful installation of drivers, you will be prompted to save your work. This is because your system will then restart to apply changes in drivers. Though, you can choose to restart the system later, but it is strongly recommended that you should restart system as soon as updates are installed on your computer.

You can view summary of your last scan whenever you run the program next time. You will also find a notification on this screen if any action is required.

Other Useful Features in Advanced Driver Updater


Anytime you realize you want to restore your previous driver configuration, then simply click on the restore button at the top. Here you will find your backup or restore points. These points are arranged with date and time you can choose any one of them to restore. You can also delete older backups if you feel they’re no longer required.


Settings menu helps you to choose language of your choice. The application is available in 14 Major languages of the world. The Settings menu also allows you to choose between ‘closing the application’ and ‘minimizing it on the tray’. You can also choose this application to run on Windows startup from the Settings menu.

So, we can safely say that Advanced Driver Updater is an useful and efficient tool to keep drivers up-to-date and keep your system components optimized.

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