Advanced Identity Protector- Tool To Eliminate Data Theft Risks

Advanced Identity Protector- Tool To Eliminate Data Theft Risks

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It sounds good when you come to know about latest technology and how well the industries are growing due to technology. However, there’s a hidden dark side to the same technology that we appreciate. Did you know that your ‘identity’ has become one of the most sought-after assets for hackers around the world? Well, no surprise if you are unaware of the fact that the cybercriminals have started to call your identity as gold.

According to a report, 16.7 million individuals lost their identity to hackers that costed nearly $16.8 billion. One of the major challenges of securing your identity is that the anti-malware and antivirus may turn up to be ineffective. This is when the Advanced Identity Protector by Systweak comes to your rescue.

Why Download Advanced Identity Protector?


Advanced Identity Protector is a dedicated application developed by Systweak Software to help users freely transact over multiple websites with their confidential information. The tool performs a scan over your machine and finds out sensitive information related to your identity, which may easily be available for a cybercriminal. This is the same information that you may have previously used for various purposes like your credit card information for making payments, your Social Security Number for Healthcare related queries etc.

Advanced Identity Protector is designed in such a way that it efficiently caters both novice and expert user group. You can perform a scan to hunt down all the hidden identity traces and choose to either delete them or encrypt them with an in-built vault, which can only be accessed through a master password set by you. Moreover, the tool makes sure that it leaves no digital footprint of any trace for the hackers to get their head around. Download Advanced Identity Protector here-

What Is Identity Theft?


Amid all the technical jargon, you may be wondering as what actually identity theft is! Well, identity theft can be understood as any other theft offence done by cybercriminals. However, the theft article here differs than any physical ones. Here, the cyber criminals or hackers keep an eye over your confidential information that is related to your identity. It may include, Social Security Number, driving license, arms license, credit card numbers, bank login credentials etc.

What is identity theft

Now that you’re able to avail most of the government and bank related services online, it is very common for you to use your identity related documents online over various websites. However, using these information even over secured websites may result into identity theft due to the fact that your machine and the web browser would record every entry that you make. When you make a transaction or login to your bank with credentials, your machine records it under cookies, which you may not be able to trace and delete.

When a cybercriminal finds a way to intrude into your system, his first and foremost target is the web browser and cookies. If the attacker gets access to your identity related data, he/she may imposter himself to be you and avail numerous facilities under your name or he may even commit a serious crime, for which you may be later held responsible. When any piece of information related to your identity is compromised, it is called identity theft.

How To Use Advanced Identity Protector?

When you decide to pay attention to the risks hidden on your machine, you may follow the below steps to get started with AIP:

  1. Download and install Advanced Identity Protector.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Click on Yes to grant permission.
  4. Now, on the setup window of Advanced Identity Protector, click on next.
  5. Now, you would see the software up and running on your screen.
  6. If you don’t have the license key, click on “Upgrade Now” button to get one.
    systweak Advanced Identity Protector download
  7. Now click on “Register Now” button and enter the product license key that you’ve received in your email. Advanced Identity Protector step-7
  8. As soon as you click on ‘Register Now’, the product gets registered and confirms with a success message.How to use Advanced Identity Protecto step-8
  9. Now, the product becomes a registered version unlocking various security features and gets relaunched.
  10. This is when you can initiate a scan for all the identity traces available on your computer, which may be at risk. For that, just click on ‘Start Scan Now’ button.
  11. Upon clicking, Advanced Identity Protector goes ahead in multiple streams to scan for potential identity traces that may be at risk.
    How to use AIP tool -11
  12. Once the scan is completed, it provides you with all the passwords and data saved under various websites and usernames.
    identity protection advanced tool
  13. Now that you’ve got the hidden traces unveiled before you, it is the time to protect your identity with just one click on the “Protect Now’ button.
  14. Here, you need to choose on how you wish to protect your identity as the tool offers three ways that are ‘Move to Secure Vault’, where the traces would be moved to a password protected vault instead of being deleted. Or, you can choose ‘Remove Traces Permanently’, where the data would be deleted beyond retrieval. Or, if you wish to keep the traces on your machine but never want them to be exposed in your next scan, you can choose to ‘Add to Exclusion List’.
    Advanced tool to protect your identity
  15. Here, we’re choosing to move all the traces to a password protected vault instead of deleting them.
  16. Then, you would be required to create a Secure Vault profile, if you haven’t created one.
  17. On the next screen, enter a profile name and provide the recovery email to create a vault and proceed by clicking on ‘Next’
  18. Then, set a password of your choice and click on Finish to create a vault.protect your identity step 18
  19. As soon as you’ve set the password, you could see that all the traces have been removed from the list and added to the vault.
    identity protection step -19
  20. Click on ‘Finish’ and enjoy the traces free machine to start exploring freely.

Salient features of Advanced Identity Protector

  • Scans computer and browsers for hidden identity traces.
  • Allows users to either delete or encrypt sensitive info in Secure Vault.
  • Consolidate personal information in a single location.
  • AES-256 encryption for robust security.
  • Schedule automatic scan for 24*7 protection.

Install Advanced Identity Protector For Comprehensive ID Theft Protection!


Overall, your identity traces carry the same value as your other confidential information. If you happen to lose your identity to a hacker, you can imagine the ways he/she may misuse the same. In many cases, victims wouldn’t even realize until the law and enforcement officers approach them for crimes they did not even commit. Moreover, cases have been noted where victims received credit card bills under their name, which they don’t recall availing. Employing Advanced Identity protector on your machine not only takes care of your identity traces but also makes sure that they are either vanished from the machine or sent to the vault. If you wish to share your opinion about the tool, do let us know in the comments below.

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