All You Need to Know About the New Ethereum Language: Vyper

All You Need to Know About the New Ethereum Language: Vyper


Vyper is a smart contract based pythonic programming language recently released for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This upgraded language intends to replace “Solidity” and plans to completely discard “Serpent” while calling for an overall development and improvement to the security of Ethereum. According to experts, Vyper programming language endeavors to make Blockchain technology more secure and difficult to hack.

Released by Ethereum, this new language will act as a major upgrade for developers, especially who are seeking an alternative for Solidity. Vyper has been compiled into EVM i.e. Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode and works on a similar pattern of solidity. However, this programming language delivers a more simplified version of Smart Contracts and offers a platform for developers to work with transparency and diminish the available attach points.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

It is a virtual singleton computer available worldwide that works corresponding to the block-chained ledger on Ethereum. The platform is engaged in the creation of multifaceted transactions and provisional self-executing contracts that are internally fixed in the smart contract.

Vyper programming
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Talking about the Ethereum and its platform, it does not have any distinguishing feature and is value agnostic. But it gives an opportunity for all Smart Contracts to be held together on the platform of Ethereum in a definite context. Vyper in Blockchain technology delivers a more practical and simple regime for understanding and writing Smart Contracts.

Vyper is envisioned to be used with the future transition to Proof-of-Stake (Casper). We understand that Smart contracts can only work perfectly when the code used is efficient and competent. If the code is not effective, it may lead to cost augmentation. Meanwhile, Vyper is based on syntax which is akin to Python. This give developers an opportunity to easily understand this new language and initiate development with negligible learning curve.

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v0.1.0-beta.1 of Vyper has various key developments over earlier languages. For instance, the new language drops function overloading and class inheritance, removes recursion and operator overload and has built-in assembly. The design of Vyper programming language is like Python allowing developers to pick the new language with ease.

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Also, this programming language does not have built-in assembly, modifiers, and binary fixed point. But the chief development can be seen in security and simplicity of the new language. It aims to provide the highest level of security and meanwhile simplify the process of accessing Smart Contracts.


Language and compiler simplicity: The language of Vyper is built on the lines of Python language. This allows developers to quickly grasp the new language and start working on its development.

Secure smart contracts: The role of smart contracts is clear to every Blockchain user and developer. Complexity and security are its major drawback of smart contacts but with Vyper, now developers can construct more secure smart contracts.

Auditability: The codes of Vyper is readable but difficult to be manipulated. This new language allows users to read codes with ease but impossible to mislead. Vyper in Blockchain technology demands this kind of security for ease of transaction.

The developer of Vyper are aiming for features like bounds and overflow checking, backing for decimal fixed-point numbers and signed integers, decidability, strong typing, simple compiler code and restricted support for main functions.


Vyper is currently at development stage and cannot complete replace Solidity. Vyper programming language lacks modifiers, recursive calling, class inheritance, binary fixed points, operator overloading and infinite-length loops. Hence, the goal of achieving 100% security with this new language can be a risky affair now.

However, the language has not reached its maturity point and it is better to wait for further developments and upgrades in this new language. If you have anything to share about Vyper, you can comment in the section below.

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