Alternatives To CoinMarketCap: Websites To Check Latest Cryptocurrency Prices

Alternatives To CoinMarketCap: Websites To Check Latest Cryptocurrency Prices


Would you like to know which is the best cryptocurrency to invest this year? Want to track latest cryptocurrency prices? Head towards CoinMarketCap!

Before getting into some serious trading and investments in the digital world, you should thoroughly research about the coin or token you’re interested in.

Along with crypto market cap rankings, price charts, trading volumes, most preferred exchanges listing and other features, CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular resource to rely on.

But being over-reliant on one platform can have its downfalls as well.

Recently the company excluded certain exchanges from its listing, which made investors to suffer from huge price crashes. It has largely shunned to spotlight, and eventually made people to search for its alternatives.

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What is Cryptocurrency Market Cap?

Market Capitalization helps users to monitor which cryptocurrency they should consider buying. Based on market cap, users can analyze which digital coin might help them to retrieve maximum profit. It is calculated on the value of all units of cryptocurrency that are on sale.

Different websites show estimated net worth of cryptocurrencies that guides you about which digital coin you should opt for. Just by multiplying Price with Circulating supply of cryptocurrencies, you can have Market capitalization.

Crypto Market Cap = Price X Circulating Supply

Being the leader in the field, let’s see what CoinMarketCap is & how it works.

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How CoinMarketCap Helps?

The most dominant price checking site, that has power to influence the crypto market, defines what CoinMarketCap is. The website follows a digestible format to give a brief overview of the market, you can catch latest cryptocurrency prices, get clear idea about any particular altcoin’s circulation, supply, its volume (how much traded in a day), what exchanges it operates on and all the social media buzz around it.

It’s a great platform for investors to follow the movement of all the major and smaller cryptocurrencies.

Most crypto users and pundits rely on CoinMarketCap to research about the marketplace.


Alternatives To CoinMarketCap: Track Latest Cryptocurrency Values

In this dynamic crypto world, it wouldn’t be a clever choice to rely on only one source when it comes to huge crypto investments and trading. Follow the websites mentioned below to remain updated in the crypto sphere.

1. CoinCodex

A great alternative to CoinMarketCap today, is It collates real-time coin prices for over 2,400 digital coins across hundreds of exchanges. The platform also brings useful cryptocurrency guides for newbies and regularly posts useful tips on emerging altcoins.



  • Clean Interface with nice visualization
  • 24-hour trading volume
  • Provide summary of each coin’s features
  • Get latest news about crypto world
  • Loaded with how-to guides                                                            


  • Unwanted Ads pack users
  • Little complex to use

Check out their website here!

2. CryptoCompare

It’s an interactive crypto platform, where several digital enthusiasts meet and discuss the latest crypto trends. The platform allows users to consult the price evolutions in real-time. Apart from all the options, CryptoCompare runs an active discussion forum.



  • User can create their own portfolio
  • Offers regular reviews about popular coins
  • Best for people who intends to trade on short term
  • Provides info about mining and wallets                                                   


  • Other websites have better layout

Start comparing at CryptoCompare!

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko, a better way to compare market cap of popular cryptocurrencies. The site assesses world’s top digital coins across a range of criteria and give them ranking. Following are the factors for ranking: On the basis of market cap, public interest, community (user-base), liquidity etc.



  • Give coins rating from 100
  • Get essential information about cryptocurrencies
  • Provides useful info about upcoming ICOs
  • Criteria of assessing coins are great


  • Could have a better interface

Bookmark CoinGecko here!

4. CoinCheckup

CoinCheckup is a popular online service that came last year with the aim of educating people more about cryptocurrency markets. With basic information related to cryptocurrency values, CoinCheckup also offers detailed analyses and forecast about digital coins that should be considered purchasing.

coin checkup


  • Wide range of ranking factors
  • Allows you to check prices of more than 30 cryptocurrencies
  • Great platform for people searching for crypto projects before investing
  • Have data about more than 1700 cryptocurrencies
  • Easy-to-understand interface.


  • Packed with Ads
  • The information provided, might sound too overwhelming for crypto newbies

Do visit CoinCheckup!

5. CoinTracking

CoinTracking is another cryptocurrency price tracking website, that helps crypto enthusiasts to gain much insights about trending coins and tokens that might profit them.  This simple crypto explorer tool uses different data to filter various digital coins.

 coin tracking


  • Has mobile apps
  • Interactive charts for trading
  • Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • Loaded with guides and How-to videos


  • Annoying Ad insertions

You can download CoinTracking here!

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6. OnChainFX

A trusted source that brings latest cryptocurrency price charts, news, and analysis. Apart from carrying all the usual stuff, the website also predicts about digital currencies. For example: If you are searching about Bitcoin, you can use OnChainFX to learn about it future market cap, its ROI, future emission rate and much more.

onchin fx


  • Provides extensive range of info, as compare to other options
  • Get ROI figures  
  • 24X7 Help for users


  • Not meant for beginners
  • Have no API or mobile apps
  • Lists only 107 cryptocurrencies

Try using OnChainFX!

7. CoinLib

From tracking price movements, volumes, circulating coin supply and much more, CoinLib heaps of essential crypto data. Users can add the potential coins to favorite list and track their movements precisely. The website has a fine collection of data from 60+ exchanges and supports more than 2,300 coins.

coin lib


  • Set custom alerts
  • Allows coin comparisons
  • Simple interface
  • Compare four crypto assets simultaneously


  • Very generic platform, only provides basic info

Hop on CoinLib for regular updates!

Wrapping Up: The Best Alternatives to CoinMarketCap

Undoubtedly, CoinMarketCap tops the list when it comes to checking valuation of cryptocurrencies. But even the above list is no less in providing reliable and accurate data.

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