Newsletter: Apple Spoilers Create Confusion & Disney’s Creating Own Netflix

Newsletter: Apple Spoilers Create Confusion & Disney’s Creating Own Netflix



“It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.” ~Marshall McLuhan



New iPhone is sporting a single rear camera with 6.1-inch LCD and curved corners.


Hardly one month is left for Apple’s next-generation iPhone launch and the spoilers have started surfacing about the same. According to the sources, Apple has plans to launch 3 new iPhone models and new iPad Pro model following to the launch of the iPhone.  In fact, the codes of iOS 12 beta last week indicate that smartphone giant is planning to launch iPhone X Plus. However, to our dismay, some informants got to the 2018 iPhone dummies and revealed the pictures of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone called iPhone 9.


The new 6.1-inch iPhone has similar features as iPhone X such as wireless charging, narrow-bezel display, Face ID system (now located on the notch), and Apple admirers are expecting the new model to be launched at reasonable price. The rumored pictures display this new 6.1-inch iPhone from the back. According to the photos, the rear panel is quite stylish and trendy, it is made of metal instead of glass. The rear panel design also shows that it could support wireless charging.

The design of upcoming iPhone is quite similar to iPhone 8 which has a single rear camera along with an LED flash. The volume buttons are also available on the sides just like iPhone series.


According to sources, till now the leak has only gained 50% trust score which reflects it could be just fake.  According to the iPhones drawings, it seems like the prototype unit could be a genuine spoiler.

The leak of the new iPhone is indefinite as the developers have obtained access to a screenshot of iOS 12 from an upcoming iPad model. As per the screenshot, it has multitasking mode with two applications and round corners. So, it seems like an upcoming iPad model will be sporting an iPhone X-esque full-screen presentation with bent corners.



Disney is planning to launch Disney’s Streaming Service by late 2019.


Disney is planning to roll out Disney’s Streaming Service by the second -half of 2019. It is also called Netflix-style streaming service in Hollywood. The company is yet to share the subscriptions charges and the catalogue of movies, TV series, and roll out plans.

Disneyflix will either be a hit or flop is entirely depending upon the subscription plans which is controlled by the Ricky Strauss, Disney executive.  Ricky Strauss has gain popularity in creative oversight of the service’s programming and surprised Hollywood many times. The company is going to rely on the Ricky Strauss to develop Disneyflix according to the company’s strategic content vision because he has powers to greenlight latest movies and TV series.


The motive of building this streaming service is to make-or-break plan to address risk and threats to its gigantic TV business. Mr. Strauss, the president of marketing for Walt Disney Studios, who is working for more than 6 years with the company and help to made movies like Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Force Awakens blockbuster and Black Panther a blockbuster.

Mr. Strauss is going to use his unique mix of skills to make this service a success. In fact, the Kevin Mayer, Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International chairman has supported Mr. Strauss’s promotion by sharing the news of Disney’s Streaming Service. According to Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, Mr. Strauss is a big-time supporter of storytellers and has powerful “creative instincts and expertise.” Mr. Strauss will be handling hundreds of millions of dollars in the production of this streaming service.

As Star Wars is a gigantic world, so Disneyflix have enough money and a great chance of telling stories that can be easily stretched to numerous chapters.

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