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Alternative, Top 10 - 2020-09-17

Top 9 Best Mp3 Rocket Alternative In 2020

Technology has come a long way indeed! It not only helps in getting things done but also offers us an ultimate source of entertainment. And when it comes to entertainment, YouTube acts as our go-to destination to watch our favorite music videos, movies and explore any media content genre. But aren’t there a few times…

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Alternative, Data Recovery - 2020-09-07

5 EaseUS Data Recovery Alternatives

Agree or not, but data is the most valuable asset of this digital era. From our precious memories stored in the form of pictures and videos to important files and docs, data is everything and more. You may have come across with plethora of data recovery tools; we’re sure you must’ve heard of EaseUS recovery…

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Alternative, Apps, Top 10 - 2020-07-06

9 Best WeChat Alternatives That Are Not Chinese Apps

Top WeChat Alternatives WhatsApp Telegram iMessage Messenger Signal Jitsi Line Skype Viber How many of you still remember using text messages with a 160-character limit, paying SMS charges, living with doubt of deliverability, and the problem is keeping track of chat? I bet, for some this might be nostalgic but for millennials using messaging apps…

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