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Android, How-To - 2020-06-28

How To Fix Delayed Notifications On Android Smartphones?

Have you ever experienced delayed notifications on an Android smartphone? You were waiting for a message or email and received the notification after 20 minutes but found out that it was replied to almost instantly. This happens because due to specific settings, your Android smartphone did not push the notifications on your locked phone screen…

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Android, Press Release - 2020-06-24

Systweak Launches “Photos Cleaner” for Android

Systweak Software, a celebrated name in the software industry has now launched Photos Cleaner that helps users detect and remove any hidden images in their photo collection. Photos Cleaner is an app designed to scan the Android device completely and collect all the photos at one place. This will explore all sections of the internal…

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Android - 2020-06-20

Best Apps To Analyze Storage On Android

Top 5 Storage Analyzer On Android: S. NO. Name Of The App Installation Link 1 Cleaner For Android Install Here 2 Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage Install Here 3 Storage Analyzer Install Here 4 Mobile Storage Analyzer: Save Space Memory Cleaner Install Here 5 Storage Analyzer & Storage Manager Install Here Why Do I Need…

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Android, How-To - 2020-06-18

How To Fix Alarm Not Working On Android Phones?

One single smartphone has replaced many other devices, like a torch, MP3 player, video and pictures viewer, calculator and most importantly, an alarm clock, to name a few. The Alarm Clock app in the smartphone has many functions apart from the basic ringing at a specific time like customizable snooze time, different alarm tones and…

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