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Android, How-To - 2020-09-29

Resolved: Failed To Obtain IP Address Error on Android

Connecting your Android device to the Wi-Fi network is one of the simplest things. Just pull down the notifications from the top and tap on the Wi-Fi icon, and you are connected to the network. However, this process becomes quite frustrating when you try to connect to a network and are stuck at the error,…

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Android, Duplicate Photos - 2020-09-21

How to Delete Duplicate Social Media Photos In Android

I am a social media fan and use the ultimate combination of Penta-Software that is Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. This means that I receive thousands of warm wishes, seasonal greetings, and inspirational quotes from my friends on different social media platforms. You wouldn’t believe it, but I have received the Good Morning Message…

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