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Android - 2020-06-20

Best Apps To Analyze Storage On Android

Top 5 Storage Analyzer On Android: S. NO. Name Of The App Installation Link 1 Cleaner For Android Install Here 2 Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage Install Here 3 Storage Analyzer Install Here 4 Mobile Storage Analyzer: Save Space Memory Cleaner Install Here 5 Storage Analyzer & Storage Manager Install Here Why Do I Need…

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Android, How-To - 2020-06-18

How To Fix Alarm Not Working On Android Phones?

One single smartphone has replaced many other devices, like a torch, MP3 player, video and pictures viewer, calculator and most importantly, an alarm clock, to name a few. The Alarm Clock app in the smartphone has many functions apart from the basic ringing at a specific time like customizable snooze time, different alarm tones and…

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Android - 2020-06-15

Needn’t Root Your Android, Try These Android Hacks

Android’s a wonderful mobile operating system. It opens you to a world of Android hacks and tricks. While most of these are for everyone, there are a few features which only some advanced users can access, the ones who know to root. Sure, you can do several incredible things if you know how to root…

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Android, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-06-15

15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android & iPhone

Screen Mirroring is a technique which enables to mirror the content on your smartphone, tablet or computer screen to another device. This is a beneficial technology which helps users in daily life tasks. It allows you to give it a broader view without providing access to the device ultimately. The mirroring helps you in various…

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Android - 2020-06-12

5 Best Free Background Remover Apps For Android In 2020

Yes! It Is Possible To Remove Background From An Image On An Android Device, How? Read On! If you ever had a notion that background removal from an image is something that can only be done on a PC, then you’ll be amazed. There are several background remover apps for Android that can help you…

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Android - 2020-06-19

Five Ways To Swiftly Catch Hold Of Hidden Android Apps

Why would you need to find a hidden app? There could be many reasons. Maybe it’s your teen who is trying to outsmart you by hiding suspicious apps. It could be that there are apps that are hogging on your device’s memory, and you aren’t able to figure out which are those apps. Not just…

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Android - 2020-06-08

Immersive Mode in Android – Is It Possible?

Android smartphones are getting larger by each passing day. There are times when the otherwise larger than life experienced gets ruined when the navigation and status bar come in between. So, is there a way to get rid of them? Under normal circumstances, maybe not! But some apps can help you do just that. How…

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