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Android, Apps - 2020-09-07

How To Check Data Usage & Monitor Internet Speed on Android

When not connected to Wi-Fi, mobile data helps gain access to internet connectivity. But when we do so, high-end phones with impressive graphics and data-hungry apps make whole in the pocket.  This means they consume so much data that we end up paying an exorbitant amount of money. To learn how you can check data…

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Android, Apps - 2020-09-05

How Hibernating Apps Can Help Enhance Android’s Performance

With time, most Android devices slow down due to apps running in the background. Sadly, in this technologically advanced age, things shouldn’t be working this way. Android apps need to be smart enough to close themselves, thereby freeing up memory.  But we all know things don’t work this way. Hence, to free up RAM and…

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Android, Apps, Press Release - 2020-09-02

Systweak Launches KidsMath App for Toddlers, Pre-schoolers & Elementary Learning

Systweak Software the leader in security and system optimization tools launches KidsMath App on Google Play Store. With this, the company makes its foray into learning apps with KidsMath App. The app is designed to provide early learners with a personalized educational experience and help enhance their cognitive development & brainstorming capabilities. It can be…

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Android, Apps - 2020-08-27

What is App Hibernation on Android? How Does It Work?

Hibernation is generally associated with Bears, and it means to sleep for a very long time (sometimes the complete winter season) after having a delightful and heavy meal. When it comes to Smartphones, app hibernation refers to shutting down the app completely so that it does not contact its server or receive and alerts and…

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Android, Apps - 2020-08-19

Why Does An Android Device Need A Cleaning App?

If you are also wondering why an Android device needs a cleaning app; read this article. Here we will tell you how it is imperative to get a cleaning app for your device. As time flies, your phone starts lagging, and the storage is filled with unnecessary goods. This will hamper the performance, and the…

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Android, Apps, Press Release - 2020-08-13

Systweak Revamps Check Data Usage Android App

Known for its plethora of optimization tools for various platforms, Systweak Software have yet another update. Check Data Usage the Android app for users to keep a close eye on their internet data has been updated with some new features. With this new update, two new modules – quick data usage calculation and internet speed…

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