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Apps, How-To - 2019-12-05

Best Hacks To Make Money on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the largest growing social media platforms that lets you keep in touch with your followers and potential customers with ease. The social media users will approach if they have some kind of benefit using that application. When we say making money online, the attention of users will be instantly diverted to…

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Apps, Tips & Tricks - 2019-12-01

Telegram Vs WhatsApp: Which Is Secure?

Recently the founder of Telegram, Durov said in a warning message to all WhatsApp users to leave the app if they want to keep their private data as such. This is not a new subject for debate, as it is a well-known fact for over a period of time that WhatsApp has its security flaws….

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Apps, How-To - 2019-11-30

How To Permanently Delete Skype Account?

Ready to Delete Your Skype Account? Do you want to switch from your current Skype account to other telecommunication options? The reason can be simple as the organization you are with has moved to a different alternative for communication. If you are thinking of deleting the Skype account permanently, this article will help you realize…

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Android, Apps, iPhone - 2019-12-02

All You Need To Know About Facebook Viewpoints App

Guys!! The largest social media advertising platform, Facebook Inc. has rolled out the launch of its brand-new market research app, “Facebook Viewpoints”. A platform for market research where the participating users will be rewarded for taking part in its programs. The company has come up with one more attempt to get users’ attention, and it…

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Apps, How-To, Top 10 - 2019-11-27

Best Reporting Software To Track Performance & Productivity

For making important decisions in order to track progress in a business or an organization, one needs reporting software. Such software which can work on your devices, and provide you reports to analyze data. These reports cover the progress, productivity, performance and price gains, profits and similar attributes. Key functions- Business Intelligence. Visualization and reporting…

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