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Artificial Intelligence - 2018-12-02

Ways AI Helps Transform Cardiac Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is getting popular and more practical with each passing day.  But alongside it’s benefits, it is also getting wiser. One of the instances of AI being progressive is an AI designed by UK researchers The AI was able to detect health disease even before doctors. The researchers created a prototype for coronary artery…

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Artificial Intelligence - 2018-04-30

Can Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Save Us From Natural Disasters?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help predict and respond to large-scale disasters like earthquake, flood and landslides. Together, they can turn into a life-saving tool during emergency and support disaster management efforts. Robots, sensors and drones based on AI and machine learning can become a relevant prototype providing accurate information during a catastrophe. In…

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Artificial Intelligence - 2018-04-29

Can A.I Help Us Sleep Better?

Artificial Intelligence knows no boundaries. Till date, innovation in A.I technology has been astonishing. Experts believe that by 2025, developments in A.I will be extraordinary. Even while sleeping, A.I technologies will ensure that you get better sleep at night. With tech companies like Neuralink, brain computer interfaces that will help you dream better will soon…

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