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Android, Backup Software, Top 10 - 2020-04-24

Best Android Backup Software In 2020

There are a plethora of reasons that we love and rely on our Android device without a second thought so as to save documents, files, pictures, movies, videos, applications, and whatnot. But aren’t you scared of losing all this data within a blink of an eye due to any reason? Yes, you may lose it…

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Backup Software - 2020-04-29

Data Backup, Do it the Right Way!

Our data is more important than our device. If our phone is lost, we worry more about our contacts, images, music and files than our lost phone. Just imagine the pain of system crash without option of data backup where you lose everything on your hard drive be it your important documents, your family memories…

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Backup Software, Tech Facts - 2020-04-29

Backup Vs Redundancy: What will you choose?

We’re sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “Better Be Safe Than Sorry”. This idiom best suits for organizations that entirely rely on data storage. Backup & Redundancy are basic essentials for any business today. Both the terms are similar, but they work on different grounds. Like for an example, if you accidentally delete a…

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Backup Software, Tech Facts - 2020-04-29

Why Data Backup is a Must?

No one knows when disaster can strike, therefore it is important to be prepared before it comes knocking on the door. This is the reason why March 31st is the day set aside to remind people about the significance of data backup. Backup is a reserved copy of important data that acts as a savior…

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Backup Software, Tech News - 2020-05-08

Is Cloud Storage A Credible Solution?

The need for online storage services is increasing rapidly. Cloud storage services serve both individuals and organizations by keeping their data securely stored in their servers. However, the significant rise of awareness to backup important data has opened the doors to online data storage services. But are these services credible in the long run? What…

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Backup Software, Tips & Tricks - 2020-05-08

6 Benefits of Cloud Data Backup

While handling sensitive information, it is necessary to backup data periodically. Unfortunately, many people still fail to include this practice in routine. However, they may also, not have the expertise to perform the task. System crashes do not occur with a warning. Even physical accidents like dropping hard drives result into data loss. Hence, be…

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