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Cyber Security, Top 10 - 2020-05-06

Top 9 Best Identity Theft Protection Services In 2020

An individual’s identity depicts his individuality, origin, and personal details. You may already understand how crucial it is. Any kind of data breach or identity theft digitally may result in personal as well as monetary losses. It is hence advisable to go for best identity theft protection services, which can actively monitor the suspicious activities…

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Cyber Security, Tech News - 2020-04-22

Is There A Smart Tv Virus Or Malware?

This article examines the following points: Known facts about Smart TV Viruses and Malware What do the Experts and Science say about the Smart TV virus concept? Steps to take if you find your Smart TV is misbehaving. Known facts about Smart TV Viruses and Malware A Smart TV is a large screen device running…

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Cyber Security, Hacking News - 2020-03-30

Steganography: A New Way to Spread Malware

While we are getting ready to fight zero-day threats, popular exploits, deadly COVID-19 virus. Hackers are evolving new techniques to pass on the malware on your machines. A concept introduced in 1499 but existed since ancient times is the new weapon. It’s called “steganography this new technique is used to send data in a hidden…

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