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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-11-20

DNA Hacking – The Dark Side of Biotechnology

DNA is the blueprint for any form of life but it can also be analogized as the biggest hard drive on earth. Technically, a strand of DNA stores the entire life history of a life form. Hence, there is no reason to go “Woah” when you hear about scientists being able to store information in…

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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-11-01

GoT Meets Tech Giants: Who Could Be What!

Game of Thrones is probably the biggest fantasy show of our times. Based on books by George R.R Martin, ‘The song of Ice and Fire’ tells a tale of knights and kings. Of dynasties destroyed with the blink of an eye. The 7th season of the epic series has ended and its followers have a…

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Gadgets, Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-10-31

Gadgets To Make Your Halloween More Fun

“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes” – The Second Witch, MacBeth. It’s here! It’s here! The most hallowed of all eves! When the portal between the living and the dead is at the thinnest, when spirits arise and roam the earth! Or so the legend goes. Fact is, Halloween has…

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Tech in Pop Culture, Tech News - 2018-03-13

Practical Tech Inspired by Star Trek

After more than 10 years of waiting, 2017 will certainly be a memorable one for Star Trek fans. Star Trek: Discovery, the latest saga in the legendary Star Trek universe finally made its debut last sunday, to commemorate 51 years of the iconic sci-fi TV series on CBS. The original show was first aired way…

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Tech in Pop Culture, Tech News - 2020-07-31

Is This The Beginning Of End For BitCoin?

“What goes up must come down”, the saying befits the Bitcoin as it dived more than $300 since the Chinese government banned ICOs last week. This fall comes right after a record high of $5000 over the previous weekend. This dip has led experts to despair over the future of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general. What puts…

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Gadgets, Tech in Pop Culture - 2018-06-29

Hollywood Weapons That Defy Logic

Defying logic is the sole purpose of bringing science and fiction together. But Hollywood certainly doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to imagining the craziest of tech. While a portable nuclear launcher does sound devastating, there are some that go completely over the top. So if you love the crazy yet impractical tech shown in…

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