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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-06-20

6 Disorders Caused By Modern Technology

Sure technology is at a point when it’s being extensively used in healthcare and treatment of various diseases. But did anyone try to notice the harm it may be causing us? Interestingly, researchers and scientists have published several studies that show a link between several social and mental disorders with technology addiction. Excess of everything…

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Cyber Security, Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-05-29

Common Online Scams To Watch Out For

Internet services and websites are making our life easier by allowing us to accomplish many things from anywhere like paying bills, shopping and online reservations etc. It not only makes life easier for legitimate users but also opens different avenues for scammers, con artists and cyber criminals. An open door always allows free access. Criminal…

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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-05-23

Mysteries And Questions Science Cannot Fully Answer

“There are no facts, only interpretations” – Friedrich Nietzsche We know that in the world of science, nothing is absolute and theories based on calculative assumption could often go wrong. While all the technology we use today is indeed possible due to science, we cannot expect it to always be correct. There is in fact, a…

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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-05-13

7 Things to Keep in Mind on Your Next UBER Ride

Uber has entirely flipped our perspective about Taxi rides; they are indeed one of the smartest public commute service in this age. Easy to pick, digital payment services and sometimes a candy too! Who knew riding Taxis could become this fun one day! Well, if your Uber rides are only limited to simply opening the…

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