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Future Tech - 2020-03-19

DNA: Future of data storage

Deoxyribonucleic acid or better known as DNA, the molecule which stores the genetic data of organisms. It contains our unique genetic code. But why are you reading about it, a subject of biology on a technical website, you may think? Right? Well, what if I told you that soon, biology and technology won’t be far…

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Future Tech - 2018-09-15

9 Ways Virtual Reality Helps Transform Healthcare Industry

Technology is evolving. Right from first supercomputer to Virtual Reality, it has shaped everything around it beautifully even the health industry. These technologies have revolutionized many industries worldwide. Be it gaming industry, teaching profession or healthcare industry, every one of them is getting benefit out of it. According to Mechasparrow, “Today, the three-dimensional simulation allows…

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Future Tech - 2018-06-19

Future Of Cloud Computing: Will It Be Dead Soon?

One of the biggest trends in last decade was to shift to cloud. People started to move their data, business, applications and services to the cloud instead of storing them on their own server or computer. Though the revolution has been here for almost a decade, a few organizations are still trying to cope. We…

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Future Tech - 2018-05-19

Smart eCard- The Future Of Payment Methods

In 21st century, we have seen an immense change in technology and the way we look at it. Could you ever imagine using the digital wallet to make daily purchases? The answer is most likely a no! However, now it is possible. Yes, you heard it right! You can now buy groceries at a supermarket,…

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Future Tech - 2018-04-30

Drive the Future of Built Environment

The Built environment is in the process of developing future tools and materials about engineering and construction to showcase the impact and use of upcoming trends of this industry to the world. The aim is to devise a ‘smart’ built environment, which is economic, environmental and socially sustainable and simultaneously meet their respective needs.What is…

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Future Tech - 2018-04-20

Machine Learning Be The Life Saving Technology

Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence is expeditiously changing the world. From Self driving cars to Image Recognition to Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and its approaches has transformed every industry possible. When it comes to effectiveness & efficiency of these smart technologies, no wonder it has never failed to impress generality. Machine learning based on predictions theorems…

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