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Hacking News, Tech News - 2017-11-25

Uber Masks 2016 Data Breach, Pays Hackers $100,000

The world-famous transportation technology company is in headlines again.  However, this time not for a good cause but for the data breach that happened last year and was till date concealed. Uber is accused of a massive data breach that took place last year in October. It is reported that personal data of 57 million…

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Cyber Security, Hacking News - 2017-01-26

Did You Know Most Hacks Go Unnoticed!

Yes, as hackers are masters in covering up their digital footprints. Period. Well of course, a hack won’t be termed as a hack if it’s clearly guessed by an individual. Hacking is meant to be done in such a way that it masquerades the hacker’s identity and their vicious schemes. The clues and breadcrumbs left…

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Cyber Security, Hacking News - 2017-01-23

The Most High-Tech Hack That Ever Happened!

Technology makes our home smarter—they say, but it even generates a potential gateway through which crooked hackers can easily break into our houses. Yes, you heard it right! Forget laptops, forgot lockers. The age of cybercrime is here and thriving. Now even your smart refrigerator won’t be spared. Nor your TV set or washing machine….

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