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How-To, iPhone - 2020-01-24

How To Delete Photos From iPhone But Not iCloud

Many of us want to clear space from the iPhone, and one of the best ways to do the same is deleting extra items while keeping them at a secure place. A similar thing happens, and you may want to delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud as this cloud feature is keeping all the…

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How-To - 2020-01-23

How To Change Instagram Username

Your name speaks bundles about who you are and what you are all about. Something’s that’s quite true in the case of your Instagram username as well. So, if you are not satisfied with your Instagram username or think that a better Instagram name will add more brand value to your business, you might be…

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How-To - 2020-01-22

Simple Ways To Unblock Someone On Facebook

Social media is a real space, in other words, its mirror image of reality. Social media accounts, especially Facebook get easily cluttered. This means sometimes the connections you make on Facebook, Instagram, etc. aren’t always what you want. Resulting in unfriending or blocking someone on Facebook. Besides this, there can be other reasons and you…

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Android, How-To - 2020-01-22

Multi-Task Like A Boss With Android split-screen

Out of several wonders and gems, Android split-screen is one that is probably not known to many. And, if you wish to make this work like magic, it is your lucky day. Now, you can watch a YouTube video, while chat with your pals on WhatsApp at the same time. So, let’s get going, shall…

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How-To - 2020-01-22

Blocking Someone on Facebook: The Complete Guide

Blocking someone on Facebook is more tricky than unfriending. Learn how to block friends on FB. Different types of people exist both in real and digital life. Some are benign while some are cyberbullying, extremists, social activists etc. filling our Facebook feed with non-sensical posts. Due to this and other reasons you might want to…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2020-01-22

How to Fix Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged Error

When it comes to Operating System and Applications, Chromebook is lightweight as compared to Windows and macOS. But every Operating System has its own share of errors and issues and does Google’s Chrome OS. The worst error you can receive on your Chromebook is “Chrome is Missing or Damaged” which equals the BSOD on Windows…

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How-To - 2020-01-21

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

The reasons for deleting a Facebook account could be many. It could be that your Facebook account’s security has been compromised or it could be that you just want peace and stay away from the sphere of social media addiction. And, if you have made that crucial decision you are probably looking for ways on…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2020-01-21

How To Change Margins In Google Docs

There is nothing wrong with margins on Google Docs as they provide a neat look to the file, especially when you want to send it to someone else. Or if you are bored with the same workbook every day and want to impress the person who is getting your Google Docs every day, you can…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2020-01-21

iMessage On Windows 10 – How To Use It

Apple’s own instant messaging app, iMessage is unique and can be used among Apple devices only.. Not anymore!  You can use iMessage on Windows 10 as well. Want to know more about iMessage for Windows 10? We can help you. Once you have got iMessage on a computer, you can easily message everyone from the…

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