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How-To, Windows - 2018-10-07

How to Speed Up Microsoft Edge For Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has finally given up on its traditional web browser ‘Internet Explorer’.  One of the most substantial changes made to Operating System is the debut of Microsoft Edge, which is an updated version of venerable Internet Explorer. The new default browser brings a modern and simple user interface. Though…

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How-To, Windows - 2018-10-07

How to install Windows 10 October 2018 Update?

Microsoft has finally released its latest semi-annual Windows 10 update named The October 2018 Update, version 1809 build 17763. This update includes many new cool features that you as a Windows user might not want to miss out. But before you decide to install latest Windows 10 October 2018 update, we recommend you take backup…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2018-10-06

How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting Error

Developers of the most popular operating system- Microsoft Windows keep putting sincere efforts to enhance user experience of its user. Unlike some of the previous versions On Windows 10 computer users hardly face an issue. But sometimes even it become harder to get into the system as it starts showing an error messaging saying Windows…

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How-To, Macintosh - 2018-10-05

How to install the final version of MacOS Mojave

Mac is unarguably a leading operating system, which’s got its market coverage surged robustly in recent years. One of the major factors that drove MacOS success is the belief that it doesn’t catch viruses and delivers better results at unmatchable pace. Now that Apple has got the new updates, it is time for you to…

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Cyber Security, How-To - 2018-10-04

How to Detect Security Vulnerability in Your System

By now, everyone in the software development world is aware about severe security risks that lie in unmanaged open source programs and tools. Still many companies ignore them, giving hackers an easy shot. Therefore, to stay protected and to be one step ahead of hackers we need to know how to detect security vulnerability in…

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How-To, Windows - 2018-10-04

How To Fix NTLDR Missing Error?

It is a well-known scenario for many Windows users – you switch your PC on, wait for Windows to boot… and all you get is a black screen with a cryptic “NTLDR Missing” error. For most PC users who are not very computer-savvy, this is a horror scenario. They panic and resort to reinstalling Windows…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2018-10-03

How To Turn Off Fast Startup in Windows 10

Is your PC stuck in an inaccessible boot device loop? Are you in need to access BIOS settings, but unable to? Maybe all these issues are causing due to enabled Fast Startup feature. Before getting into the deep ocean, let’s find out What Fast Startup feature is, Why we need to disable it and How…

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