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How-To - 2019-12-07

How Outdated Drivers Would Damage Your PC

Without drivers, one cannot make use of the hardware devices installed on Windows computers. Pre-installed devices like Bluetooth, USB ports, HDMI connectivity panels, headphone jacks, Wi-Fi routers, graphics cards,  etc. require computer programs called drivers to be compatible with Windows Operating System. In simple terms, these programs are a medium of communication or connection between…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2019-12-05

How Do I Block Someone On TikTok (Step By Step Guide)

TikTok, the explosively popular Chinese Social Media Platform has approached the highest limits of its global popularity. It presents an alternative version of online sharing & allows users to create short videos with music, filters and other features. The videos are funny, sometimes cringy but they’re definitely addictive. Until and unless you want to make…

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How-To, In Your PC, windows 10 - 2019-12-05

How To Install Language Pack On Windows 10

Windows is the largest used Desktop in the world. Therefore, the need of multiple languages occurs widely. As the popular language English is kept as the primary language on Windows. But do you know that you can install the language pack on Windows 10 for any different. Did you know 111 languages are available in…

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Apps, How-To - 2019-12-05

Best Hacks To Make Money on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the largest growing social media platforms that lets you keep in touch with your followers and potential customers with ease. The social media users will approach if they have some kind of benefit using that application. When we say making money online, the attention of users will be instantly diverted to…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2019-12-04

How To Fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b4

We have already discussed an error code 0x80070002 on Windows 10, which is caused due to missing or corrupted files while downloading Windows updates. Here we are again, to discuss another error 0x800705b4 code, which you could encounter while updating your Windows 10 PC. Well, this Windows 10 update error could happen because of several…

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Android, How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2019-12-04

How To Install The Tor Browser For Android?

What Is Internet Privacy? Internet Privacy is the level of security of your personal data available on the Internet. Also known as Online Privacy, it includes all factors, techniques, technologies used to secure private data including credentials, settings, and communications of any sort.  Internet Piracy is being violated for two major reasons: Internet Privacy is…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2019-12-04

Fix- Svchost.Exe High CPU Usage On Windows 10

I know, I always talk about Windows and its error!  But who’d really deny the fact, it is normal to face errors on PC if you don’t take good care of your computer. Well, this time I am back with another glitch of Svchost Exe on Windows 10. Before hopping directly to the fixes, let’s…

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