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Future Tech, Infographics - 2017-08-14

Crazy Inventions That Made Millions of Dollars

As it is evident, new inventions either save the lives of people or by improving the working of burdensome tasks. Some inventions have revolutionized the human’s existence. Almost everyone can think of a business idea that they think can make millions. We all have heard the adage, “All it takes is one good idea.” But…

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Future Tech, Infographics - 2017-05-29

Types of Internet Threats – Infographic

We all have heard about different types of online threats and viruses injected through Internet. Although some of us might also be unfortunate enough to be victimized by such threats. Currently, we have lot of technologies to help us protect our systems from such threats. Knowing about all available protective measures is important. But knowing…

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Big Data, Future Tech, Infographics - 2017-06-02

Evolution of Data Storage – Infographic

Preserving the information has always been important since ages. The basic purpose behind storing of data was with the thought of future use and knowledge source for coming generations. The storage methods of the data has been evolving may be since the birth of the Data. This evolution in the Data Storage Technology has been…

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Apps, Infographics, Tech Facts - 2017-05-16

Which is Better? Instagram VS Snapchat – Infographic

There’s a tough battle brewing in the social media world amongst two of its major competitors Instagram and Snapchat. Some say Snapchat has shaded Instagram and others believe that Instagram is nothing more but a Snapchat-clone! See Also: 6 Instagram Features Which Make Photo Sharing Easier This is all because of a little update called Instagram Stories….

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