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Apps, Internet of Things - 2018-08-07

7 Real Life Examples Of IoT Applications

Internet of Things is not that new, and it has been used in the real world for a while now. IOT is everywhere, whether it is your wearable, driverless cars, smart home devices or more. If your smart TV provides you with personalized recommendations on the shows that you must watch, then you have experienced…

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Internet of Things - 2019-09-13

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Slowly but steadily Artificial Intelligence has transformed every area of our lives. From buying clothes to mobile banking to a workplace environment. This emerging technology has no signs of stopping. But how is it implemented in the education sector? Will it be a helping hand for teachers or will it make them antiquated? Implementing AI…

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Internet of Things - 2018-04-12

IoT Vulnerabilities Every Manufacturer Needs To Know

IoT devices have become the choice of many consumers in a short span of time. Due to the cutting edge technology, IoT has become has been able to connect numerous household items, different modern gadgets, automobiles etc. With Cisco predicting that there will be ‘50 billion connected/IoT devices by 2020, we can just imagine the…

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