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Android, iOS, Top 10 - 2021-01-01

10 Best Business VoIP Providers For 2021

Voice over internet protocol services helps users to break limitations applied by using physical phones from your local telecom company. Instead, you can use a VoIP service and make/receive calls from your cell phone or PC from anywhere across the world provided you are connected to the internet. This service encourages the Work From Home…

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iOS, Tech News - 2020-05-04

iOS 13.5 – Disable Automatic Face Zooming in FaceTime

To avoid and fight coronavirus, millions of people are working from home and using video chat apps to communicate. But if these video chat apps have issues or make the experience troublesome using them is of no use. Keeping this in mind and understanding the importance of video chat apps, companies are making changes to…

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iOS, iPhone, Tech News - 2020-04-26

Apple iPhone SE VS OnePlus 8: What’s Your Pick

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, we received not one but two tech-flavoured delights offered by our favorite smartphone flagships. Yes, that’s right! On one hand, Apple has released its new budget smartphone, known as iPhone SE (2020). On the other hand, OnePlus also launched a spec-heavy phone to continue the flagship’s legacy that comes in two…

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Android, iOS, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-11-10

15 Best Free Ludo Games For Android And iOS

Ludo is a classic board game that needs no introduction. It has been played for many centuries and was initiated as a royal game played by Kings, Queens and Princes only. The game has been universally played in all countries and continents alike with a few minor changes in the rules. Many of us have…

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