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How-To, iOS - 2020-01-13

How To Use Apple Pay On All Apple Devices

Apple Pay is one of the classiest ways to trade online and offline instantly with just a click, touch or by showing Face ID. You can use Apple Pay on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web. Also, with Apple Pay, you can send/receive…

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Android, iOS, iPhone - 2020-03-16

8 Best Call Recording Apps For Android And iPhone In 2020

There are several call recording apps for Android and iPhone that help you record calls automatically in high definition. They even let you share calls for future reference. But, selecting an app to record phone calls isn’t just the only thing that you should look at. There are certain aspects that you should be aware…

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Android, iOS, Tech News - 2019-12-24

ToTok – A Popular Messaging App OR A Spy Tool?

A lot of the popular apps have been accused of spying on their users at some point in time. A few of them try to extract data for commercialization, and others could be using these platforms to just spy for governments. Recently, a messaging app, ToTok that is (don’t confuse it with TikTok) quite popular…

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iOS, iPhone - 2019-12-22

How To Connect Mouse To Your iPhone With iOS 13

You will be pleased to know that with the latest iOS version update, i.e iOS 13 & iPadOS, now you can connect your Bluetooth mouse with your iPhone and iPad. You can now use the accessibility feature to connect a mouse to your iPhone. In this post, we discuss how to connect a mouse to…

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iOS, iPhone, Top 10 - 2019-12-19

9 Best Free Music Apps Similar To iTunes for iOS

“Where words leave off, music begins” ~ Heinrich Heine Yes, music adds charm to every moment, and absolutely everything! Irrespective of where we are and who we have in the company around, the vibe of music acts as a food to the soul. To make our music experience more pleasant, technology has always played a…

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Android, iOS, Tech News - 2019-12-19

Is Unroll.Me Safe To Use? Well, Let’s’Find Out.

Is logging into a service platform or app safe today? Given the trend, most of the applications misuse user’s personal data without permission. This information is generally used for commercialization. Undoubtedly, technology made our lives simpler, however, it has also made us vulnerable as we no longer have control over who has our personal info…

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