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iOS, iPhone, Top 10 - 2019-12-19

9 Best Free Music Apps Similar To iTunes for iOS

“Where words leave off, music begins” ~ Heinrich Heine Yes, music adds charm to every moment, and absolutely everything! Irrespective of where we are and who we have in the company around, the vibe of music acts as a food to the soul. To make our music experience more pleasant, technology has always played a…

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Android, iOS, Tech News - 2019-12-19

Is Unroll.Me Safe To Use? Well, Let’s’Find Out.

Is logging into a service platform or app safe today? Given the trend, most of the applications misuse user’s personal data without permission. This information is generally used for commercialization. Undoubtedly, technology made our lives simpler, however, it has also made us vulnerable as we no longer have control over who has our personal info…

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Apple News, iOS, iPhone - 2019-12-11

What’s New In iOS 13.3 Version

With the iOS13 upgrade in September, there have been a series of updates with the introduction of features, bug fixes and improvements.  iOS 13.3 has been released on 10th December 2019 and along with it, a lot of features have been introduced along with the bug fixes and improvements. If you are the one to…

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Android, Apps, iOS - 2019-12-10

UrSafe – A Multi-frontal Approach To Personal Safety

We all are aware of the first-of-its-kind safety report from Uber which stated that more than 3K people had been victims of sexual assault. These disturbing numbers included not only the passengers but drivers also. The kind-of-same thing happened with other rideshare apps – when 19 women sued Lyft, saying drivers for the company sexually…

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Apple News, Games, iOS, iPhone - 2020-12-09

Best Apps And Games On Appstore 2021

All the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac were announced on the recent Apple event. It was held on Dec 2, 2020, in New York, where they highlighted the best apps and games of the year, available on App Store. It is the first time that an event was exclusively organized to lay focus…

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Android, Apps, How-To, iOS - 2019-11-19

How To Download TikTok Videos On Android And iPhone

If you follow the trend, it is evident you have come across the app TikTok. This is the most popular video streaming application which is used by people for posting video content. Most of which are funny, dramatic, and entertaining video clippings made over the phone. This user-based content creation platform which you will find…

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