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How-To, iPhone - 2020-01-18

How To Delete iPhone Backups In macOS Catalina

Taking a Mac backup is always a boon. A backup keeps you prepared for mishaps such as sudden unavoidable crashes. But, then there are times when a lot of old backups may just be hogging on your device’s memory. That is the time, you might want to just do away with your old backup apart…

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How-To, iPhone - 2020-01-17

How To Fix iPhone Screen Recording Not Working

Screen recording can be very helpful on smartphones to record the short tutorial or a video call with your friends. iPhone comes with an in-built feature of recording the screen, which is one of the advantages over other phones. So, what do you do when the iPhone screen recording is not working? What if iPhone…

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Apps, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-01-15

10 Best Free iPhone Photo Editor Apps

“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event” ~ Henri Cartier In just a fraction of second, a photograph captures thousands of beautiful emotions, elements and fits it well into one frame. Photography is an art—indeed. When you click a picture, there are a…

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How-To, iPhone - 2020-01-17

How To Screen Record On iPhone XR

Want to show off your tech skills to your non-tech savvy friend? Or maybe you want to record your favorite PUBG game. You can do all this on your cool iPhone XR using the in-built Screen Recorder feature. Every iPhone has an in-built screen recording application but only a few know about it. Due to…

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Apps, How-To, iPhone - 2020-01-04

How To Set Video Wallpaper On iPhone

Do you wish to have a video wallpaper on iPhone? To have a lively background while working on the iPhone is attractive and gives you a break from the usual pictures set as wallpapers. One of the methods is to use the in-built live wallpapers for your home and lock screen on iPhone. Another method…

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Android, iOS, iPhone - 2020-01-08

8 Best Call Recording Apps For Android And iPhone In 2020

There are several call recording apps for Android and iPhone that help you record calls automatically in high definition. They even let you share calls for future reference. But, selecting an app to record phone calls isn’t just the only thing that you should look at. There are certain aspects that you should be aware…

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How-To, iPhone - 2019-12-27

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XR And Other iPhones?

Apple has been making amazing iPhones since the advent of smartphones, and with iPhone X, it introduced the notch feature in iPhones. But many did not realize that to get the smart notch feature, Apple sacrificed the battery percentage indicator. All the iPhone variants after iPhone 8, namely iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max,…

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