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How-To, iPhone - 2020-04-29

How To Record FaceTime Group Call On iPhone?

Want to preserve the memories with you that you made over those group FaceTime calls? Well, it is possible to do that with the option to record your FaceTime call. On FaceTime call,  32 people are allowed to be in a call as per the recent update. That gives yet more reason to keep a…

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How-To, iPhone - 2020-04-28

How To Save Battery On Iphone?

If you are an Apple fan like me and own an iPhone, then I am pretty sure that you share the same pain of having a ridiculously small battery as I do. While Android phone manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi provide their users with 5000 mAh and Asus did release its ROG 2 with 6000…

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iOS, iPhone, Tech News - 2020-04-26

Apple iPhone SE VS OnePlus 8: What’s Your Pick

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, we received not one but two tech-flavoured delights offered by our favorite smartphone flagships. Yes, that’s right! On one hand, Apple has released its new budget smartphone, known as iPhone SE (2020). On the other hand, OnePlus also launched a spec-heavy phone to continue the flagship’s legacy that comes in two…

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How-To, iPhone, Mac software - 2020-04-24

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac

Syncing contacts from iPhone to Mac becomes a need when you want to keep a backup of your contacts safely as well as access them even when you are not carrying your iPhone with you. One can sync contacts from iPhone to Mac either by using iCloud services for wireless connection or by using a…

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iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-04-18

10 Best Karaoke Apps On iPhone & iPad 2020

Sitting at home and can’t think of an idea on how to spend some fun time without stepping out? We believe the best karaoke apps could be one of the most appropriate answers. With the global pandemic, 2020 has been marked in our memories differently, as it has forced millions of people to stay at…

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Android, iOS, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-04-14

15 Best Free Ludo Games For Android And iOS

Ludo is a classic board game that needs no introduction. It has been played for many centuries and was initiated as a royal game played by Kings, Queens and Princes only. The game has been universally played in all countries and continents alike with a few minor changes in the rules. Many of us have…

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