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Learning Center, Tech Facts - 2017-01-10

Have You Ever Wondered How Do Hackers Earn Money?

Well, here’s your answer. The secretive business of “Cybercrime” is lurking all around the web. Seriously, there are like thousands of ways by which hackers can easily evade our privacy and penetrate into our security system. But the question arises, what do they get out of it? Who is paying them to perform these illegal/immoral…

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Learning Center - 2016-11-19

DDOS Attacks: A Brief Overview

While most of you might be busy watching US elections aftermath, there was also news of Canadian immigration website crashing unexpectedly on election night. We’re not sure if it was due to the sheer number of people who wanted to leave US, after Donald Trump came out on top. Although this seems like a plausible…

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Learning Center - 2016-11-07

6 Things Extremely Crazy About Nintendo Switch

Good old fashioned gaming is hard to come by in this age, with VR and Holographic technologies in gaming taking the main stage. Sure PS4 is alive and kicking and XBOX One is also keeping traditional gaming alive for fans. But, we know that video games are currently in a dark phase and need some…

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Android, Learning Center - 2016-11-05

5 Immensely Popular Apps That Died out Quickly

Over the years’ mobile app industry has grown exponentially, be it growth, usage, revenue or adoption. However, most of these apps don’t sustain a longer run. According to statistics, an average app loses 77% of its users in the first three days, yet another says that more than 50% of app users go away within…

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Backup Software, Learning Center - 2016-10-24

Cloud Computing: A Brief Overview

Most readers would already know about Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage, due to their extensive implementation in household tech and use in popular culture. For those who don’t know, cloud technology is a web based technology that allows multiple user to store data on the internet. So basically every time you upload/backup photos or data…

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Games, Learning Center, Top 10 - 2017-01-12

6 Video Games Genres Virtual Reality Can Redefine

We’re already a year past the supposed ‘future’ portrayed in ‘Back to the Future’.  Although we still don’t have self-tying shoes or hoverboards (actual hover board that hovers!), virtual reality or VR has certainly made some futuristic developments. You might already be thrilled to try your hands on the new PlayStation VR headset for PS4…

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