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Learning Center - 2016-10-13

8 Technologies Most Likely to Get Obsolete in Recent Future

Recently, Samsung pulled the plug on their literally ‘explosive’ smartphone model Galaxy Note 7 after recalling it from customers in September. The recall was in response to several customer complaints regarding ‘faulty batteries’, leading to spontaneous explosions. Despite manufacturer’s attempts to solve the issue, including a replacement of batteries didn’t seem to nullify the damage….

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Learning Center - 2016-10-09

5 Examples That Prove Nuclear Power Isn’t Always Evil

Nuclear power and nuclear technology certainly do not get the respect they deserve. Especially when we’ve seen the disastrous incidents that shook Japan and Chernobyl. With threat of nuclear war looming over south Asia, it is easy to antagonize the very technology that is responsible. Nuclear power might be blamed for a variety of bad…

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Learning Center - 2016-09-28

The Rise of Machines: Real World Applications of A.I.

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. has been one of the most controversial technologies ever since it surfaced as an idea in the modern world. While most of you believe the concept of artificial intelligence to be rooted in science fiction, the first mention of artificially created beings can be found in various works of mythology. Various…

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Learning Center - 2017-04-28

Cyber Security: The Painful Truth

“No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person”. With that been said, we can safely assume that nothing is safe, especially when it comes to the internet. We have already discussed how the internet we use is just a tiny sliver of the dark bottomless matrix that we know as Deep…

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Future Tech, Learning Center - 2016-09-19

How Photography Should Be in The Future

You might already know about the dual lens camera featured on iPhone 7 Plus. It utilizes two lenses to capture far of and close objects, and work simultaneously to provide optical zoom like capabilities. Sure dual lens camera phones aren’t anything new and DSLRs and Leicas are far more capable at capturing photographs. But Apple’s…

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Backup Software, Learning Center - 2019-07-10

Cyber Insurance : Why You Need It

Proliferating cyber crime may compel you to look up the term cyber insurance, which is growing in popularity fast. Before I go into details, let’s just say it’s a means for organizations and individuals to quantify their loss and get coverage against Internet-based risks. Particularly in the nature of loss/theft/destruction of sensitive data or information….

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Learning Center - 2016-09-16

Tech Promises That Are Still Undelivered

It isn’t just politicians who aren’t keen on keeping their promises. Every system has flaws and the government certainly tops the list of being extremely flawed yet existent. Nevertheless, they aren’t the only paradox that has betrayed the ones that it was created to help. Just like politics, science too has its fair share of…

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